Friday, 8 July 2016

Gentleman Says : Moroccan Oil Hair Spa at Bounce, Koramangala.

Post by Ashish Gyan

Traditionally, Spas and Salons have been the kingdoms of the fairer sex and rightly so. The love affair hasn’t been one sided either, these dominions of ethereal transformations and indulgent pampering have evolved and adapted to the demands of the stylish women. On the other hand, until very recently, men have had to contend with miss spelt “saloons” with Justin Bieber posters and the Men’s Care section held a totality of two products – boroline cream tube and coconut hair oil.

I was pondering on these thoughts when I walked into the premises of Bounce Salon n Spa, Kormangla on the 14 th of June to experience their Moroccan Oil event. In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that the costliest ever hair treatment that I have indulged in before this was 
1/5 th the price of what I was walking in for and the best part was that I didn’t even have to pay for it, so yeah I felt like a pretender and a tad bit nervous.

My nerves were put to rest by the amazing crew I was greeted by, who for even one moment, didn’t judge my crew cut balding pate or my oily scalp and delved right into giving me the luxury treatment.

The Moroccan Oil treatment is akin to a 5 meal ultra luxury dining experience. It starts out with a quick characterization of one’s scalp, mine being oily, followed by a massage with their oily scalp treatment oil infused by ginger root which, as I was informed, expedites the uptake of the oil by the root. The clarifying shampoo and the smoothing mask sessions were the next two courses and somewhere around this point was when I started feeling the effect of the Moroccan Oil treatment truly take hold.

Feeling super light and refreshed, and my hair all sparkling clean from the pampering it had just received I headed to the desserts table where my transformed hair was styled by the molding cream and the cherry on the top was the final oil treatment with the light variantI walked out smiling feeling like a superstar, with a head of hair which literally was thanking me and smelling quite
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