Sunday, 25 December 2016

Axe Signature Gold EDTs : First Impressions

By Ashish Gyan

Circa 2000, it was the start of a new millennium, for those of you who were in your early teens or on the doorsteps of the teen years at that point in time, you will remember grappling with all things pertaining to puberty and one of them was body odour. With all the mad running around and constant flurry of activity that was our daily lives back then, it was commonplace to have your body odour precede your entry to any room and leave a lingering aroma, to be polite, long after you had left the room.

Talcum powders, with all sorts of formulations weren’t doing the trick, but were the only recourse back then. There were a couple of roll-ons but they had a placebo effect at best. 

Then appeared a Messiah on the horizon, which was to change the landscape of Indian Men’s grooming forever. The advent of Axe perfumed deodorants was in many ways a game changer. With their snazzy marketing ploy and, with the luxury of hindsight, fragrances which proved quite effective in combating body odour, they were successful in capturing the imagination of the previously un-catered to segment of Indian Men. 

Axe Signature Gold EDT review, Axe Signature Gold EDT variants, buy Axe Signature Gold EDT

This time around, Axe has entered the competitive market of Eau De Toilettes/ EDTs with an aggressive branding and pricing strategy with 4 new fragrances.
The four new fragrances from the Axe stable are:
  • Italian Bergamot & Amber Wood
  • Black Musk & Cedar Wood
  • Iced Vetiver & Fresh Lavender and
  • Dark Vanilla & Oud Wood

Axe Signature Gold EDT review, Axe Signature Gold EDT variants, buy Axe Signature Gold EDT

First Impressions: 

a.       The packaging is definitely premium, with an outer solid black cardboard box and the EDTs come in nice solid dark bottles, which do not feel flimsy in the hands.  4.5/5

b.      The branding on both the outside and the inside real estate is great and doesn’t go overboard. It is definitely pleasing to the sight. 4/5

c.       Pricing could be a game clincher for Axe on this one as this solid 80 ml EDT is priced at a very comfortable Rs.450/-. Keep in mind that being an EDT, a few sprays and you will be sorted for a long time. A definite 4.5/5

d.      I prefer the Italian Bergamot & Amber Wood variant for a rigorous day at work when you need to have a smooth and effortless aura around you. This one will be a faithful companion on a long 12 hour day.

e.      The Black Musk & Cedar Wood variant plays in quite well for a day chock-a-bloc with meetings and luncheons. Keep it classy with this one on you.

f.        A relaxed casual brunch or an evening soiree with friends calls for the Iced Vetiver & Fresh Lavender avatar. You might have reservations about sporting something with lavender in it, I did too, but this one will win you and your friends around you over with its easy and cool persona. On the negative side, this one doesn’t last too long.

g.       Finally, the Dark Vanilla & Oud Wood variant is the perfect accompaniment for a formal evening. Play it up on your evening out and feel like royalty with this one.

Axe Signature Gold EDT review, Axe Signature Gold EDT variants, buy Axe Signature Gold EDT

That, Gents, is the rundown on the All New Axe range of EDTs. Definitely give them a spin if you’re on the lookout for an addition to your Perfumery and we hope you usher in the Year 2017 smelling cool, dapper, classy and like royalty.

Disclaimer: Product provided by the brand for review. The opinions expressed here are our own and honest. Links in the post are for information only.
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