Tuesday, 8 January 2013


So last evening I went to hang out at the music school, I needed a change from studying. (Okay, I am there almost all evenings) And I found this doggie...she's the school's dog, self adopted (clever girl!) and has fitted so comfortably in... blocking the door entrance! I couldn't help but click a pic and tell you all about her.

Jessie. Always found napping...over the carpeted areas mostly, and on some not so good days, on the staircase landing.. but yeah...napping it always is. Except the times when the children are coming in. Then she gets a reason to wag her tail and jump about so that they all pet her.
As for me, whenever I am on my way and if she is awake, there is a brief series of pitter-patter paw noises, after which she half jumps over my freshly laundered and ironed clothes, only to leave little muddy paw prints over my shirt. ("Nooooooo! Bad Jessie! Very bad!")
And then she looks at you with those big brown eyes...pretty eyes, runs to the nearby shop indicating "buy me some biscuits lady!" And I just can't say no.

(Of course she doesn't accept the bread slices or chapati I offer. Talk about being picky!)
I know I am not the only one who succumbs to this. (Ah! The number of times I have been late for class because of those warm pretty eyes! And the number of biscuit packets she must be gobbling up! O_o)
All this when she isn't busy warming up an area and snoring or blocking doorways that is.

She has been given various names by different people over time: Hachiko (after that movie yes... Which is a good one. You should watch it), Jaiselmer, Blackie..which I don't like. So I stick to Jessie.
She of course loves Mr. Principal (whose best line as far as Jessie is concerned is "He is a She" ) and the school's caretaker. They are the only two people, I think, for whom she can shake her bum and show signs of being really active even if it means ruining her slumber.

It feels good to have her around though. She is a part of the small music school family. Not really planned or expected, yet there she is :)