Friday, 30 January 2015

PRETTY READER App for the Beauty Buff in You!

Hello girls!!

We have something very interesting to share with you all today! Here's a new blog reader app for all you beauty, makeup and fashion enthusiasts...Pretty Reader

It is the perfect way to find and read reviews of your favourite beauty and makeup products, on your mobile. Read through your favourite blogs on your time, anywhere, even on the go! 
The app is specially made for Indian readers and brings the most sought after Indian blogs together in one place. 

"Find the best beauty and makeup reviews on the web for Indian Consumers. Read through every one of our curated review blogs, find out what other people are thinking ,and get useful metrics on which product to buy. It's really simple, all you have to do is read through each of our curated articles, or search, or filter using a category that Prettyreader generates automatically.

Prettyreader is just like a newsreader, except it goes to the best beauty and makeup review sites in India and fetches and indexes content for your reading pleasure. Each article is opened up on the source website itself, so we ensure that nothing is lost in translation. You can discover new articles, like articles in order to express your delight, or look through related articles sorted by category. No more googling for that hard to find product. No more wondering at the store because you don't have any idea what you're looking for... what you would look good in... or what would suit your specific skin type. Prettyreader makes it simplicity itself for you to get the latest reviews, news and insight right at your fingertips.
Look your best, and feel on top of the world with the latest beauty, fashion and makeup articles from around the Indian web at your fingertips. Prettyreader has you covered."

Download Pretty Reader today, and never miss another beauty tip! Click on the link below and show the app some love!

We are absolutely loving the app! 
Give us a high five in the comments below if you download the app! :)