Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Calicut University : Information

Hello all! Continuing with our posts about a few universities, up today is the University of Calicut which is the biggest University in Kerala. 

Built in 1968, Calicut University is the second university to be set up in Kerala. The University intends to support magnificence in education and research in its catchment territories of Northern Kerala, truly relegated to the fringe of Kerala's scholastic guide.

  • The University lays its accentuation on cultivating quality human asset and advertising profitable research that profit both neighbourhood groups and more extensive humankind.
  • According to the arrangement, the four post-graduate bureaus of the University of Kerala working in Calicut were attached to the new University in addition to fifty four constituent colleges spread over seven northern regions.
  • With 'Nirmaya Karmana Sree' as it proverb, the University has had the capacity to surmount all tests and rise as the biggest private cum affiliating University in Kerala.
  • With 31 post graduate sections and 304 subsidiary colleges it has turned into a guide of trust and illumination for countless junior men and ladies in North Kerala.
  • The University campus, situated at Tenhipalam, 24 km south of Calicut is the primary center of scholastic exercises.
  • The Calicut University Library, established in 1971 and later renamed after C.H. Mohammed Koya, (the former Minister for Education, Government of Kerala), is primarily concerned with the conservation and dissemination of knowledge to its users. It plays an important role in the provision of information to the academic community in the Malabar region. It has a collection of about 95,000 books and subscribes to 218 journals and 16 newspapers

Research Centre
Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC) at the University of Calicut is one of the 17 Centres set up by the UGC to produce video programmes for broadcast on Doordarshan network, and conduct research in the hardware and software aspects of audio visual technology. The Centre is also expected to produce interactive educational multimedia CDs and WBTs.

The university offers U.G and P.G. courses in : Arts, Commerce, Science, Education, Medical and Dental sciences, Paramedical, Management, Engineering, Mass Communication, Pharmacy, Hotel Management, Law and Architecture, 

    Extracurricular Activities
    • National Service Scheme
    • Student Union

    For more information about the Calicut University Fee Structure, courses, faculty and placements visit Collegedunia.

    Look out for another university in a few days :)