Wednesday, 22 June 2016 - Get All Your Beauty Needs in One Place !

Yes, you heard it right...all your beauty needs! Presenting Aplava, the one stop destination for all your beauty needs.
Now you may wonder, what differentiates Aplava from the other online sites so far? Here's the thing: When you go to their homepage, you get the option of personalising your beauty. "Your personal Care and grooming hand picked by a Professional Dermatologist, delivered to your door". Read on to know more! 
So, the first step is to get started with a personalized beauty profile quiz. The site asks you series of questions pertaining to your skin type, skin issues (wrinkles, acne, sweating, pigmentation, lifestyle etc), hair type and hair issues and also the kind of products you would be interested in. 

Based on this analysis, the algorithm matches the best-suited products and shortlists them for you, depending on your needs and concerns. Now you can pick the ones that you like from the recommendations. 

Furthermore, Aplava also has a free service called "Ask the Expert" which you can utilize once you sign up. You can clear your beauty queries straight from expert dermatologists. Ain't that great?!

The site also has their own Blog section, where you can find useful skincare tips and makeup tricks. And these tips aren't just limited to women. Men can find products and posts exclusively for them as well! 

Apart from skincare, the makeup section is huge too stocking products from all the leading (national and international) brands. You can find different offers running (in a seperate section) as well. Aplava also provides Giftcard facility so that you can pamper your loved ones :)
The site has free shipping for orders over 999 INR.

Overall, the site has a good clean layout and it is quite easy to navigate. They offer different payment options, including cash on delivery..woohoo! The personalized questionnaire, recommendations straight from the experts and the sheer variety of brands/products to choose from, makes the whole shopping experience from Aplava really amazing.  So what are you waiting for? Head over to Aplava asap! 

Have you checked out the site before? How was your experience? Do share in the comments below :)