Sunday, 19 February 2017

What Dermaroller Can Do to Protect and Repair Your Skin

Your skin is the biggest organ your body has, and it's also the only one that is on the outside instead of the inside. That leaves it very susceptible to damage from the weather, too much exposure to the sun, and all of the chemicals you are around in your lifetime. Between that and the fact that levels of natural cellular protectors like collagen and Human growth Hormone (HGH) drop off with age, it's no wonder that skin problems can increase as you get older. That's why skin treatments like Dermaroller are so important.

The Dermaroller Treatment Process and Method
If you're going to have a Dermaroller procedure, your first decision to make is whether to get an at-home kit or go to your local clinic for a clinical treatment. While both options have their merits, most people prefer the clinical option. The reason is that there is a certain amount of discomfort and bleeding associated with Dermaroller treatment. If the area isn't cleaned properly, there's also a chance of infection.

You see, a Dermaroller is a type of device known as a micro-needling device. Unlike many other cosmetic machines and treatments, micro-needling devices actually puncture the skin because they are covered in dozens of minuscule needles. The holes they can poke in your skin can leave your skin vulnerable to bacterial infections if you aren't careful and don't follow aftercare instructions properly.

Why Should You Try Dermaroller Then?
You might be wondering what the good of puncturing your skin with the small needles of a Dermaroller is. Why should you have a treatment that sounds that uncomfortable. Well, first of all, it's not that uncomfortable when you have it done by professionals in a clinical setting. Your clinician will numb your skin in the treatment area completely. You should only feel very minor discomfort. If it gets too uncomfortable, just tell them. They will take care of you.

The second issue is why you should puncture your skin with needles, regardless of how it feels. The answer is twofold. One good reason is that the needles can get down into layers of skin below the surface. The microscopic holes they bore in your skin can help post-care medicated creams and lotions get down in there and thoroughly treat all of those skin layers.

The other excellent reason to have Dermaroller treatment done on your skin is the simple fact that damaging your skin can trigger your body's natural responses to cellular attack. In other words, it can trick your body into producing extra collagen and other substances that give skin cells their shape, strength, and elasticity. The more of those healthy substances your cells have and the more evenly distributed they are, the healthier your skin should look.

Be Patient When You Have Dermaroller Done
One of the most important things to remember about having a Dermaroller procedure is that you have to have patience about the process. The procedure itself should take less than an hour, but the results can take a week or two to really show. The reason for that is that it takes that long for your body's natural defenses and restorative processes to really start to work. Once the healing takes place, you should see some good improvements. Although, you may find that more Dermaroller appointments are necessary in the future to improve your skin even more or maintain your healthy look.

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