Thursday, 2 March 2017

Banjaras : Bringing Nature & Beauty Together

We at C&D are big on natural and ayurvedic methods used in skincare. Now, Imagine a brand which shows an equal love towards nature. We are talking about none other than Banjara's. The brand believes that nature’s beauty is everlasting and if you take care of Nature, Nature will take care of you. Isn't that just a wonderful thought!

Growing up, we were always encouranged to use natural products to help enhance our skin and hair. The homemade ubtans and hair masks were a part of our lazy sunday beauty routine. I still have jars of fullers earth, sandalwood powder, orange peel, gramflour etc with me even though I am not at home anymore. While a vacation at home gives me an opportunity to get some hair pampering done with aloe vera, curd, henna etc. 
I do not need to explain how wonderful these products are for your beauty regime. True that the natural products take some time to show their results, but the end results are totally worth it.

In today's fast moving age, we have all shifted to instant gratification and the same can be seen with the products we choose. All the fancy product launches, almost one every day - shampoos, soaps, lotions, hair colors etc have us blindly running after them to try them out. I admit, I have been temmpted by them as well, but as I grow older, I find myslef shifting back to my natural beauty care again. The happiness of using something in a pure form,  free of chemicals is just something else. 

We reviewed the Bajara's Skin +ve Cream and Body Lotion recently and found them to be quite nice. What sets apart the brand is that it's association with nature and the goodness that it delivers, and the benefit of, ‘beauty without any harmful effects’, especially when it comes to choosing personal care products. Banjara's turly has an understanding of nature, a love for nature , which is apltly reflected in the purity, quality and efficacy of their products.

To make things better  Banjara’s is listed under PETA’s cruelty-free companies as the products are not tested on animals and they do not use any animal ingredients in any of their products.

India has been the land of Ayurveda, using a variety of natural products like Hibiscus, Amla and herbs for haircare. The very same ingredients can be found in Banjara’s hair oil to give you the time tested natural results. Their Multani mitti and Papaya facepack again made of natural ingredients are gentle on your body, giving you the results you would get form using traditional homemade maks.
When you don’t have time for quick beauty recipes from the kitchen, you can rely upon Banjara’s for some natural goodness for your face and hair! 

If you wish to get a free sample to try out these natural products from Banjara, you can go here