Friday, 19 May 2017

I Need A Vacation! #AbKahan

I am sure you have heard me mention this several times here and on social media by now!

The basic thing is - Life has been super stressful at work and in general. I find myself giving exams every other day. Don't even get me started on last was an absolute nightmare. Imagine having to give exams 8:00 am - 10:30 pm for 2 days straight...yes, that is how it was! I am continuous in lack of sleep, have permanent eye bags and dark circles and to top it all, I am losing hair like crazy (read - shedding).

And the finals haven't even come yet....which I do not think I will survive...unless I take a small break from all of this and go for a lovely mini vacation! Therefore, the cry of I need one several times all over the place.

After a lot of thinking - I have come down to 2 choices.

The first option is to go to Ooty. There are quite a few good hotels in Ooty which offer a luxurious stay. The weather here in Bangalore has been an absolute nightmare (and my room has basically become a furnace. Did I mention it just has one window? Sigh!). So you can obviously see why this is the more tempting option.
A few days away in the hilly areas, away from the sweltering heat and dust of the city would work miracles for sure.
I can almost imagine breathing in the fresh cool air, walking around in the twiny paths and just being peaceful.....Ah!

 The second choice, after some contemplating is Country Club in Corbett. Jim Corbett Park has been on my bucket list since forever! But, why Swati? you might ask. Well, I have never been to one! Except if you count a mini trip to Nandankanan as a kid. But I think staying for a few days in an exotic resort near the jungle would be a whole different experience altogether. A rather unique one, if I may say so.

So, why am I writing all of this down? I need your suggestions of course!
Which do I choose? A relaxing holiday or an adventurous one? I am leaning a bit more towards a relaxing hill station, but the thought of going to a wildlife reserve is equally exciting!
Go ahead, let me know you thoughts in the comments below!