Saturday, 27 May 2017

Kids, Putting Their Best Foot Forward!

Remember the old days, when we were young and had only about 2 pairs of basic shoes?
Of course this counts in the home slippers. If you were a girl, you probably had a nice pair of ballerinas which you wore when going out to a fancy place. Okay maybe another one in a different color, just to be fancy. And boys had a pair of sport shoes. All the 90's kids will know what I am saying.

Most parents back then did not want to invest in footwear especially for kids, and you cannot blame them. Kids grow out pretty fast and a new pair of shoes would barely last a couple of months. 
Back then we did not have a vast market with thousands of options as well, so you were taken to the nearest store and you had to pick from the 5-8 pairs that were enthusiastically shown to you. 

Today, the scenario is completely different. Fashion changes every few months and most of us want to keep up with the current trend of the season, right?

Well, how can the children be left behind? With 5 year olds knowing how to operate a smart phone better than most of us, or wanting an ipad as a birthday gift instead of a tricycle, it doesn't come as a shock that these kids are particular about how they look and know what they want to wear! 

How often do you pass by the swanky kid shops in a mall. They have the latest designs and trends incorporated perfectly into the little people clothes. 

Of course,fashion is not just restricted to clothes. How could you think so?! You can always know a man by the shoes he wears...remember? We all love indulging in shoes, you can never have too many!
And when it comes to kids, they are not behind. Think about any design or style and it is available for the little people too. Of course they need different colors and styles depending on the season or occasion. Kids footwear is a whole different market altogether.

From flipflops to sneakers, espadrilles to booties, from crocs to it and you have it! Talk about having your kiddo step out in style! :)

And I know most of us are quite busy and obviously don't wan't to spend 3-4  hours with a fussy kid getting him/her to try out shoes one after the other. Right? Do I sense parents nod in agreement?
Well, this is where the beauty of online shopping comes in! Yes, when online shopping is so popular in every other scenario, Kids online shopping has it's own niche too.

Why not take the advantage of the fact that kids are super tech-y these days, sit with them for a bit and browse through the endless choices we have online? Kids get to pick stuff that really catches their fancy and a happy kid = happy parents!
And if you are thinking that online shopping would be quite expensive compared to going to you local store, think again! There is a wide range available and need I mention the awesome online offers and discounts?

Smiling now aren't we? Until next time!