Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Looking back over the good old college times...My first college trip!

Last month I finally finished my exams...hopefully the last exam that I ever have to give. My dental course is finally over and even though it was a tough journey, I had some really great times too. 
Just the other day, I was reminiscing about my college life and one experience that will always be firmly etched in my memory is the trip my entire batch took back in my first year of college (I am talking about 2008!) 
Coming from a missionary school, where class trips were pretty much a no-no, I couldn't have been more excited when this trip was planned in college...I was one of the first people to say yes :D 
After a lot of discussion and voting, out batch decided to head to Coorg. From the day I came to Bangalore, I didn’t get the chance to explore the pretty places around the city and I couldn't have been more excited. 

Coorg is popularly known as the "Scotland of India" and I was ever so eager to know why. After a tiring overnight bus journey from Bangalore, we finally made it where we had already booked one of the  Coorg hotels . If however, you are located further and are planning a trip to Coorg, it would be better if you take a flight to the nearest city – you can find good deals with  Aircosta

Situated in the Western Ghats, Coorg took my breath away right from the very first sunrise. The mighty mountains, the misty landscape, it is truly a nature lovers delight! You won't just enjoy the tranquil forests and the lush green surroundings, Coorg is also quite famous for coffee and spice plantations and the ever welcoming locals. 

Although there were many touristy things we did during our short stay there - including visiting a monastery and river rafting, my favourite place has to be the Talakaveri Temple. It is a place you must visit! Making the origin of the river Kaveri. The long climb up to the hill top is so worth it. The view of the misty mountains from up top will make you forget the climb. You are sure to go speechless for a while! 

Also, do not forget to dig into the local cuisine - Kadumbuttu and pandi curry (steamed rice balls and pork curry) is deliciously yum, which will make you lick your fingers clean! If you are a vegetarian, do not get disappointed, I loved the bamboo shoot curry equally. And make sure to pick up a nice big jar of the famous Coorg honey and some delectable fish/meat pickles! 

If you are planning for a short weekend trip soon, Coorg is totally worth looking into! 

Until next time,