Sunday, 14 July 2019

Reasons why you should wear a sports bra

We always pay such close attention to our clothes, don't we? We take so much time to
choose them; we take time to dress ourselves up.
Unfortunately, many of us do not pay attention to the innerwear, and, the one thing most of
us tend to completely ignore is - the Sports Bra.
You may think that sports bras are an easy job but finding one which fits you perfectly &
does its job well is pretty complicated.

And while all of us love our traditional bras & lingerie, the ever-humble, but very much
necessary Sports Bras are quite often forgotten.
Here are 7 reasons why you need to get & wear a Sports Bra

1. They increase Your Confidence
If you are into exercising then you know the importance of a sports bra. They make you feel
confident by giving proper support & you can totally concentrate on your exercise rather
than worrying about bouncing breasts & everything else. This holds especially true for
women who have a heavier chest. Sports bras make you feel much more secure.

2. They Are Super Comfortable
Don't you feel so much more comfortable when you wear a good sports bra while working
out? They don't have hard straps that dig or pinch into your shoulders or your under-bust
area. They let you stretch and move with ease.

3. They Help Avoid/Reduce Pain
Notice how you get back pain & shoulder pain if your breasts aren't supported properly?
Not wearing a bra during your daily activities or wearing a traditional bra while working out
can cause a lot of strain in your neck, shoulders and back making the muscles sore.

4. They Offer Proper Support
I have heard women say "why even bother wearing a bra while working out?"
Stop for a minute and think about the amount of damage you can cause to the breast
tissue (yeah, I had to bring in a medical perspective....I am a doctor after all) if you do not
wear one. Breasts are made up of fatty tissue surrounded by skin & fragile ligaments. Once
the ligaments are stretched, they will sag and nothing can fix this! All the running & physical
activity causes the breast to bounce a lot and without proper support, it will lead to
irreversible damage. It is super important to wear a sports bra, especially while working
So if you want to prevent stretch marks and sagging, wear a good sports bra.

5. Many Special features
Most sports bras are made of a breathable/dry-fit material which is especially great while
sweating it out in the gym! You will see many with perforations, breathable mesh areas,
thicker well-moulded shoulder straps, minimal or no hooks that dig into the skin. All such
features are extremely essential when you are working out.

6. Perfect for Everyday Use

Why reserve wearing a sports bra just for the gym?
You can easily wear it every day around the house or for some light errands. They are so
much more comfortable! The under-bands are soft unlike the hardened elastic of traditional
bras. The shoulder straps are usually padded & soft again. There are different coverages
available - full/high or medium - so you can choose one more which is apt for you.
Honestly, try wearing sports bras for normal everyday use and you will totally forget that
you are wearing a bra!

7. They are trendy
It is 2019 people! Sports bras are not the same old boring thing that they used to be back in
the day.
You get such pretty colours and prints and styles now making them look so fabulous and
trendy! Get a super cool print and you might even be able to rock it as a crop top ;)

Say bye your lacy number and try on a sports bra today!