The Smile Files: Orangutans for minty breath

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Brushing. It's a routine, something we do everyday.

For all those oral hygiene aware's twice a day. *well, usually I brush just once a day (I know I know... Do not judge me here). I will just cover up with a lame excuse of lack of time.. it's only on those days when conscience strikes that I go for a second round in the night, and even flossing.*

But it's something most of us have associated with humans right?

Now, imagine my astonishment when I open today's newspaper and see this article about an orangutan who loves to maintain her pearly whites. This is worth sharing...
Siswi, in Tanjung Putting National Park, Borneo, Indonesia, demonstrates impeccable oral hygiene. The 34 year female apparently loves to remain minty fresh and is spotted brushing her teeth (toothbrush, toothpaste and all) nearly everyday after tucking into her meals. *All those who are lazy bums when it comes to cleaning and polishing those chewing tools...LISTEN*
She even shares bowls of noodles with her keeper... Okay this is a bit off the topic, but worth mentioning I think. :)

Anyway, the point here is: If Siswi can be all aware and do her bit to maintain her smile zone, can't we do our bit? And since we are the evolved species, let's not limit ourselves just to brushing. Go one step further, be aware of the things you can do and the things that are going wrong. Get things looked at and fixed if required. After all you won't be all ok with amputating other parts of the body right? Why be casual about your teeth then? It's not like they grow back! Take care of those pearls!

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