Monday, 31 December 2012

Hooked On To

Hello all! I can't believe it's the last day of 2012 already. I won't say it was a bad year, it brought some pretty awesome moments for me, and most of it was spent amidst our extensive family, and when you're part of a nuclear one, nothing can top that.
Socially and politically, this year was an eye-opener. Most new year celebrations have been put off as the nation mourns the death of its brave-heart
"I want to live," the girl had told her brother and mother when they first met her on December 19, three days after she was brutally gang-raped and assaulted in a moving bus in south Delhi. 
You may be no more, but your spirit and your courage awaken us to act, to speak out, to fight for a country where every girl, every woman is safe in the truest sense of the world. The government may have failed us, but I pray that the dawn of a new year shall bring with itself better sense and compassion for those that have been elected as our representatives. Intellectual innocence can no longer be an excuse for the dearth of laws for the safety of womankind.

And while every news bulletin brought gloomy news continuously, here are few things that brought me joy.

Cheap fairy lights in my bedroom- I love how this gives my haven a warm glow. Most nights, I just curl up with a blanket and lie awake gazing at the lights, till my eyes unfocus them to a pretty bokeh. Totally magical.

Getting adventurous with 5 blank canvases- There is a tiny element of rebel in following summer trends in the middle of winter. So I painted my nails with a cool mint shade from Colorama, and tried my hand at newspaper nails. Excuse the uneven application please.

Chocolate cookies- Me and milk don't exactly get along, but the cookies are awesome solo too. The flecks you see here are pressed oats which I added as a feeble attempt to pass these off as healthy. Recipe coming soon. I gave half the batch to my friend An on her birthday. She's a total choco-maniac. Love you An! :}

Pasta with mushrooms- This was an experiment, and I guess healthy because I omitted cream and cheese. Its tasted fine nonetheless, probably because of all the herbs. Looking forward to making it again as even Papa liked it, which is definitely a feather in my cap, hehehe! Recipe will be available on C&D soon.

Sunsets- This particular one was captured as we returned from a get-together via the highway. My camera didn't quite capture its beauty, but the view was phenomenal. The hills you see here are a part of the Dalma range, at the foothills of which my hometown is nestled. 

Snowy Santa Nail Art

Snowy Santa Nail Art

So, I bought this really bright cherry red nail paint in the happy high of Christmas (along with a cherry red lippie). I have no idea why I did so. Probably because I was seeing so much red everywhere for the past few weeks...lights, Xmas stars, tree ornaments, Santa outfits, streamers...All over. And they all looked so pretty! (I am usually the girl who keeps her distance from blazing bright in your face red).
Anyway, though the red lipstick does brighten up the face in seconds alone, I really haven't had the courage to walk out wearing it yet... Let's hope I do soon.
Hence, I was so determined to make at least the nail paint work!! And since it was Christmas and the whole holiday season I did something fun with it. (Also I was getting very bored at 11 in the night, sleep goddess wasn't visiting me and I had some time to spare). Hope you guys like it!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic

It is so bad living in a place that's just 5 minutes away from Health and Glow (its a chain of stores that stocks bath and body products, make up, chocolates, make up tools, scrunchies, clips etc etc etc.... You get the idea right?).  So, coming back to why its bad. There I am taking a stroll down the road when I pass by the store and sometimes I give in to my temptation and go in (saying firmly to myself "I won't buy anything but the essentials I need ! No no... Won't go near the make up counters!" But the store isn't too big and somehow you have to cross them on your way to the billing counter (clever H&G people!!) and you can't help a sneak peek.
Okay, I admit, I find excuses to look *guilty face* .

Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic, maybelline coral chic, colorama coral chic

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Rocking Little Christmas Concert!

For over 6 months, the students of "Wings school of Music" (where I go to learn the drums and the guitar....though I haven't been going for the drum lessons since a while now), were preparing to put up this beautiful christmas concert on the evening of December 15th .
The practices held every Saturday and Sunday, always managed to make my weekends special. And now that the concert is finally over, I am happy (since it was appreciated by all and was a huge hit) but I know I will miss those days of laughter, music, little kids doing crazy hilarious stuff, jokes and warmth.
I don't think it was an easy task though for the principal to prepare us all. I'm sure he got some grey hairs after the concert got over... ;) And thanks to him I played the bass guitar.... *Reasonably decently I hope*. It was a wonderful experience!
Anyway, why I am writing about this is mainly to share with you the songs we played. So here:
● Christmas time
● A King is born
● Santa looked a lot like daddy - Reverend Horton Heat
● Sing Mary Sing - Jennifer Knapp (this is the one I played for)
● Christmas once more
● Carol of the bells
● I Met an Angel on Christmas day- Celine Dion
● Mistletoe - Justin Beiber ( I know I know, don't judge, the girl singing it is a huge fan! It took a lot of convincing for the others to play the song. But it turned out to be pretty peppy)
● Santa Claus is coming to town
Now some of them are the well known Christmas carols, but the others are worth checking out and saving on your X-mas playlist! Give them a listen.
And there is one video that is worth checking out. "One Last Christmas" by Matthew West.
Make a difference this Christmas!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

What I've been upto...

Heya everybody!

It's been quite a while since I posted anything, and I miss blogging so much! But I've been having loads of fun in the meantime, so I can't really complain :)
We went all the way to Patna to visit my grandfather, who is now quite well and much like his former self. Most days, all of us just lazed in the sun, munching on kakdis and pistachios, and guavas, and chikoos, and cookies, and I had the time of my life hogging on mushrooms 3 times a day, for 5 days in a row, after which my very amused grandmother reminded me to eat greens as well. Hehehe, that was one fun week! With her birthday falling during our visit, a treat was in order, and we decided to check out the revolving restaurant of the city, Pind Balauchi. Cut off from the busy city sounds, admiring a bird's eye view of Patna was epic! Wish I could say the same for the food though. It really wasn't up to the mark, and considering it primarily offered Punjabi cuisine, I found the preparations bland.

 Back at home, I've been busy in the garden. My rosemary, basil, thyme, and bok choy plants fared well while I was away. Isn't it most wonderful to grow your own plants and see them thrive under your care? I haven't clicked any photos of them yet, so last year's darlings will be show cased here. Pretty no? ^_^

Lettuce, bok-choy, sage, red rubin basil (clockwise from top left)
And these are the winter flowers that have just begun to bloom. Nevertheless, our garden is still looking quite pretty. I can't wait to see it at its peak! The whole family is excited, like always, so no surprise there!

This year's blooms

Last year's garden in full bloom
This month's schedule is going to be quite jampacked. One of my nephews is turning one, and there's a huge bash planned. We've got relatives pouring in to join the fun. A whole lot of my cousins are arriving, so I'm looking forward to all the madness we always cook up :D

Tomorrow I'll be spending the entire day with my two best friends, catching up and participating in general goofiness. I've missed them loads

Lastly, I've been chewing these tulsi leaves everyday, to build up my immunity, but I caught a cold regardless. I will be switching to herbal teas now, hopefully they will bring some relief.

What all have you been doing lately, besides christmas shopping?

Until next time,

Friday, 14 December 2012

When the sky lit up!

The good part about being in Bangalore?
     ● We usually have clear night skies.
The good part about being in a hostel?
     ● You have the company of your awesome girl-friends, whenever you want to do something. (Especially when its at odd hours. And if i was at home, might have been labelled crazy, except perhaps by the li'l sis).
So, the night of 13th december (extending into 14th morning) saw us (we are a group of 5 girls, and one day I will ramble about them here *hopefully*) camping out on the hostel terrace for around an hour or so. And guess what for??


1o'clock in the night, we bundled up a bedspread and a shawl and made our way upstairs to see these brilliant rocks on fire. What we didnt foresee though were the chilly winds, lots of them. But hey, its not everyday you get to see a meteor shower right? So whats a little bit of cold? Moreover, we had each other to cuddle up against :) And each of us was so excited everytime we spotted one....that making a wish was just being forgotten. We did make a few of them finally! *putting all my faith in them now.. fingers crossed* (don't ask me what i wished for... You might find some of them crazily hilarious).
Lying down under the open starry sky, with a brilliant light streak shooting across the dark blue every 2 minutes, the Geminid Meteor Shower 2012 was spectacular! Do not even get me started on how beautiful the other constellations looked.. Mr. Jupiter was glowing like a light bulb last night! (A big thank you to Google Sky Map for letting us know the different stars.... What an amazing application! Do try it).
And even though some of us wanted chips and other munchies, no one was willing to go down and miss the show even for a minute! (Ofcourse, our juniors thought we had completely lost it, lying down there in the middle of the night shivering for just some stars! A few couldn't even see us, until we cried out "We are here!" to avoid being trampled upon in the darkness).

Overall, it was definitely one of my best experiences ever! And though the show was put to an abrupt end by unexpected cloud cover at 2:30pm... We still had fun guessing cloud shapes. I spotted a knight riding a horse, pinnochio, an elf and Goofy!

Did you guys get a chance to see the meteor shower? For people who missed it, do not worry, it comes every year in December (anytime between the 7th to 14th) so keep your heads up!

Palmolive Thermal Spa Crushed Coconut Body Wash

December and January are such wonderful months, don't you agree? Here in Bangalore, it heralds the perfect amount of chill in the air. It brings all my favourite things at once: warm fluffy cozy blankets (we do need a blanket all year round...but now I have the perfect excuse for my snubbing conscience to lie in late), soup, comforting mugs of coffee or hot chocolate, cute socks. And well, obviously..Christmas! So, in the spirit of the holiday season, I picked up this body-wash (ok,ok...also I was out of the Olay one I was using)

Palmolive Thermal Spa Crushed Coconut Body Wash

Palmolive Thermal Spa Body Wash in Crushed Coconut is SO sooo amazing.. I keep taking out the bottle to just catch a sniff of it throughout the day.
First of all, the smell... Imagine the cutest cupcake with melt-in-your-mouth vanilla and coconut frosting sitting proudly on top ( the swirly kinds... I like the swirl pattern in general...Looks cute). DIVINELY YUMMY! And this baby can give any of those high end (also read over priced) products a good run for their money.
It's really hard to say goodbye to it and get out of the shower once you are surrounded in the delicate, comforting, warm, fuzzy cocoa butter fragrance(I know girls in the hostel must be cursing me for keeping the bathroom occupied for such a long amount of time!) And even after I finish showering, (thanks to my hostel-mates helpful banging on the door,) my nose continues its olfactory treat. Why? Because I go all sniff, sniff, sniff like a hound, on my arms and hands to catch its lingering fragrance. (Don't judge me till you try it out! If your nose doesn't do the same, then we'll talk! )

Palmolive Thermal Spa Crushed Coconut Body Wash review

Now I haven't tried that many bodywashes...yet, but out of the few.. this one is a sure favourite!
The crushed coconut granules perfectly act as a body scrub, polishing away dead skin, and the creamy texture keeps your body moisturized pretty long. (And yes on lazy days, I skip the body lotion after this). The smell does linger on for a decent time (about half an hour to 45 minutes on me).
If you want a body wash that smells absolutely heavenly, and one that will ensure your bath times are longer then look no further.

Given how affordable this is, this is definitely A MUST BUY according to me!

Price: 125/- for 250ml

(Those who aren't particularly fond of cocoa butter and coconutty fragrances might want to stay away from this one)
Let me know how this one worked for you all. Was it yay or nay?
Until later.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hooked Onto # 1 :)

What I've been loving lately...

1) Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal (crushed coconut and jojoba butter extracts)

It's warm, comforting, cocoa coconut fuzzy smelling. Like a yum cupcake! What's not to love?