Palmolive Thermal Spa Crushed Coconut Body Wash

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December and January are such wonderful months, don't you agree? Here in Bangalore, it heralds the perfect amount of chill in the air. It brings all my favourite things at once: warm fluffy cozy blankets (we do need a blanket all year round...but now I have the perfect excuse for my snubbing conscience to lie in late), soup, comforting mugs of coffee or hot chocolate, cute socks. And well, obviously..Christmas! So, in the spirit of the holiday season, I picked up this body-wash (ok,ok...also I was out of the Olay one I was using)

Palmolive Thermal Spa Crushed Coconut Body Wash

Palmolive Thermal Spa Body Wash in Crushed Coconut is SO sooo amazing.. I keep taking out the bottle to just catch a sniff of it throughout the day.
First of all, the smell... Imagine the cutest cupcake with melt-in-your-mouth vanilla and coconut frosting sitting proudly on top ( the swirly kinds... I like the swirl pattern in general...Looks cute). DIVINELY YUMMY! And this baby can give any of those high end (also read over priced) products a good run for their money.
It's really hard to say goodbye to it and get out of the shower once you are surrounded in the delicate, comforting, warm, fuzzy cocoa butter fragrance(I know girls in the hostel must be cursing me for keeping the bathroom occupied for such a long amount of time!) And even after I finish showering, (thanks to my hostel-mates helpful banging on the door,) my nose continues its olfactory treat. Why? Because I go all sniff, sniff, sniff like a hound, on my arms and hands to catch its lingering fragrance. (Don't judge me till you try it out! If your nose doesn't do the same, then we'll talk! )

Palmolive Thermal Spa Crushed Coconut Body Wash review

Now I haven't tried that many bodywashes...yet, but out of the few.. this one is a sure favourite!
The crushed coconut granules perfectly act as a body scrub, polishing away dead skin, and the creamy texture keeps your body moisturized pretty long. (And yes on lazy days, I skip the body lotion after this). The smell does linger on for a decent time (about half an hour to 45 minutes on me).
If you want a body wash that smells absolutely heavenly, and one that will ensure your bath times are longer then look no further.

Given how affordable this is, this is definitely A MUST BUY according to me!

Price: 125/- for 250ml

(Those who aren't particularly fond of cocoa butter and coconutty fragrances might want to stay away from this one)
Let me know how this one worked for you all. Was it yay or nay?
Until later.

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