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Heya everybody!

It's been quite a while since I posted anything, and I miss blogging so much! But I've been having loads of fun in the meantime, so I can't really complain :)
We went all the way to Patna to visit my grandfather, who is now quite well and much like his former self. Most days, all of us just lazed in the sun, munching on kakdis and pistachios, and guavas, and chikoos, and cookies, and I had the time of my life hogging on mushrooms 3 times a day, for 5 days in a row, after which my very amused grandmother reminded me to eat greens as well. Hehehe, that was one fun week! With her birthday falling during our visit, a treat was in order, and we decided to check out the revolving restaurant of the city, Pind Balauchi. Cut off from the busy city sounds, admiring a bird's eye view of Patna was epic! Wish I could say the same for the food though. It really wasn't up to the mark, and considering it primarily offered Punjabi cuisine, I found the preparations bland.

 Back at home, I've been busy in the garden. My rosemary, basil, thyme, and bok choy plants fared well while I was away. Isn't it most wonderful to grow your own plants and see them thrive under your care? I haven't clicked any photos of them yet, so last year's darlings will be show cased here. Pretty no? ^_^

Lettuce, bok-choy, sage, red rubin basil (clockwise from top left)
And these are the winter flowers that have just begun to bloom. Nevertheless, our garden is still looking quite pretty. I can't wait to see it at its peak! The whole family is excited, like always, so no surprise there!

This year's blooms

Last year's garden in full bloom
This month's schedule is going to be quite jampacked. One of my nephews is turning one, and there's a huge bash planned. We've got relatives pouring in to join the fun. A whole lot of my cousins are arriving, so I'm looking forward to all the madness we always cook up :D

Tomorrow I'll be spending the entire day with my two best friends, catching up and participating in general goofiness. I've missed them loads

Lastly, I've been chewing these tulsi leaves everyday, to build up my immunity, but I caught a cold regardless. I will be switching to herbal teas now, hopefully they will bring some relief.

What all have you been doing lately, besides christmas shopping?

Until next time,

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