Snowy Santa Nail Art

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Snowy Santa Nail Art

So, I bought this really bright cherry red nail paint in the happy high of Christmas (along with a cherry red lippie). I have no idea why I did so. Probably because I was seeing so much red everywhere for the past few weeks...lights, Xmas stars, tree ornaments, Santa outfits, streamers...All over. And they all looked so pretty! (I am usually the girl who keeps her distance from blazing bright in your face red).
Anyway, though the red lipstick does brighten up the face in seconds alone, I really haven't had the courage to walk out wearing it yet... Let's hope I do soon.
Hence, I was so determined to make at least the nail paint work!! And since it was Christmas and the whole holiday season I did something fun with it. (Also I was getting very bored at 11 in the night, sleep goddess wasn't visiting me and I had some time to spare). Hope you guys like it!

Snowy Santa Nail Art

Things needed:
★ Cherry red nail paint (I used one from EN-VY... Something new I came across in Health and Glow. It is Rs 49/- for a 9ml bottle, so even if the colour didn't work out I wouldn't have felt that bad. They have loads of shades and I am planning to stock up. So budget friendly!)
★ White, Black and Silver nail art pens/bottles. If you have the normal nailpolish bottle, then try using a thin paint brush or toothpicks. (Here I have used nail art bottles bought from a local shop for Rs 45/- They have nozzles and a thin brush... Very convenient)
★ Gold nail paint - for the belt buckle. You could use silver too. I just had a gold colour lying around.
★ Clear nailpolish - To give a glossy shine and seal in the layers below. (So that all that time and effort you put in doesn't chip off in 2 days.. it would be so sad if it did)

Snowy Santa Nail Art, Christmas nail art

You can also experiment with different designs. Candy cane. Santa Cap (which I did for my roomie but she destroyed it before I could click pictures). Christmas trees. Snowman. Bells. Stars. Reindeer. Snowflakes. Anything you like!
Try it!!

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