When the sky lit up!

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The good part about being in Bangalore?
     ● We usually have clear night skies.
The good part about being in a hostel?
     ● You have the company of your awesome girl-friends, whenever you want to do something. (Especially when its at odd hours. And if i was at home, might have been labelled crazy, except perhaps by the li'l sis).
So, the night of 13th december (extending into 14th morning) saw us (we are a group of 5 girls, and one day I will ramble about them here *hopefully*) camping out on the hostel terrace for around an hour or so. And guess what for??


1o'clock in the night, we bundled up a bedspread and a shawl and made our way upstairs to see these brilliant rocks on fire. What we didnt foresee though were the chilly winds, lots of them. But hey, its not everyday you get to see a meteor shower right? So whats a little bit of cold? Moreover, we had each other to cuddle up against :) And each of us was so excited everytime we spotted one....that making a wish was just being forgotten. We did make a few of them finally! *putting all my faith in them now.. fingers crossed* (don't ask me what i wished for... You might find some of them crazily hilarious).
Lying down under the open starry sky, with a brilliant light streak shooting across the dark blue every 2 minutes, the Geminid Meteor Shower 2012 was spectacular! Do not even get me started on how beautiful the other constellations looked.. Mr. Jupiter was glowing like a light bulb last night! (A big thank you to Google Sky Map for letting us know the different stars.... What an amazing application! Do try it).
And even though some of us wanted chips and other munchies, no one was willing to go down and miss the show even for a minute! (Ofcourse, our juniors thought we had completely lost it, lying down there in the middle of the night shivering for just some stars! A few couldn't even see us, until we cried out "We are here!" to avoid being trampled upon in the darkness).

Overall, it was definitely one of my best experiences ever! And though the show was put to an abrupt end by unexpected cloud cover at 2:30pm... We still had fun guessing cloud shapes. I spotted a knight riding a horse, pinnochio, an elf and Goofy!

Did you guys get a chance to see the meteor shower? For people who missed it, do not worry, it comes every year in December (anytime between the 7th to 14th) so keep your heads up!

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