Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic

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It is so bad living in a place that's just 5 minutes away from Health and Glow (its a chain of stores that stocks bath and body products, make up, chocolates, make up tools, scrunchies, clips etc etc etc.... You get the idea right?).  So, coming back to why its bad. There I am taking a stroll down the road when I pass by the store and sometimes I give in to my temptation and go in (saying firmly to myself "I won't buy anything but the essentials I need ! No no... Won't go near the make up counters!" But the store isn't too big and somehow you have to cross them on your way to the billing counter (clever H&G people!!) and you can't help a sneak peek.
Okay, I admit, I find excuses to look *guilty face* .

Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic, maybelline coral chic, colorama coral chic
Anyway, that's how I came across this shade of Maybelline Colorama nail paint in Coral Chic.
This shade isn't quite a favourite of mine for everyday use. But on those special occasions when I want to perk up my nails I shift from my comfort zone of nude and pearly white nail paints and reach for this one.
(Sad part is that I can't really keep my fingernails long, thanks to the profession, so nail paints generally are reserved for my toes)

Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic, maybelline coral chic, colorama coral chic

Coral Chic is an extremely sheer semi transparent peachy coral shade with fine gold flecks in it. It's beautiful! But for it to go completely opaque I need to apply at least 3 to 4 coats (like in the images) after which it becomes a coral with some orange tones in it. (Like candy...reminds me of those Orange sugar boiled toffees I had as a kid, remember them?)  Still pretty though. The gold flecks aren't gritty at all which makes the application process pretty easy and they give a very nice subtle shimmery effect to the paint.
●Consistency- Light and easy to apply. Spreads nicely.
●Applicator Brush- Pretty long with enough bristles, covers the nail area nicely. Easy peasy application.
● 8ml for Rs 100/- (earlier they were priced at  75/- *sob*).
Still, its one of the decently priced ones for the quality. The paint stays on for 4 to 5 days without chipping or losing its sheen. Which is very good.

Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic

The only con is the sheer nature, but somedays I like to apply it that way too. I think it would suit my sister better though... So planning to give to her when I go home. (Smriti... Are you listening? You can do your happy dance when you read this!)

Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic, maybelline coral chic, colorama coral chic

Overall a pretty coral shade to brighten your hands. Recommended! :)

(P.S. please excuse me for the not so good pictures... I have to manage with my phone camera in the hostel. And the colour was so tough to photograph... It was ending up looking slightly pink in the comes out as a good orangy coral though! But be patient. Picture quality will improve once I am home.)

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5 thoughts

  1. I have the same shade too bought it when I was obsessed with Coral they have a nic Coral lipstick too.. My problem with Maybelline is that the paint needs atleast 2-3 coats and doesn't last too long..

    On an aside I use blogspot too. And am looking at revamping my page. Can you let me know how did you'll place the tabs on the top?

    1. Hi :)
      Rajvi, on your Blogger Dashboard go to Layout, drag and drop the pages widget from the sidebar to the the space just below your header space. That should do it.
      If you have any more queries, feel free to ask!
      Thanks for dropping by C&D

  2. Hey Rajvi!
    I am just starting to fall in love with corals and pinks..was so stuck with browns all this while. I hope the obsession lasts long.
    Yes, this particular shade is very sheer and required 3 coats for me also. But there are some good ones that go opaque in one or two coats.
    For the not lasting long problem, make sure you always finish with a top coat. It sure help. Makes mine stay for 5 days easily.

    Smriti (my lil sis and co-blogger) is in charge of layout and designing, she will surely answer your question. Will let her know.

    Thank you for visiting C&D! I hope to see you more often! :)

  3. Hey thank you girls for answering my queries

    1. No problem! Do leave a link to your blog, we'd love to drop by :)