Tuesday, 29 July 2014

L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Color in Faye : Review

If you have been following our blog, then you will probably know how much I am in love with the L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse range. My rave post about Bella is proof enough for how much I adore it.
Obviously, I had to pick up another colour. And last month I brought Faye with me back home! 
Not to go much into the story, here is why I got this... Me, looking for a wearable orange colour for a long time. My bff got this shade by mistake instead of Bella (she forgot the name :P). I tried it out..loved it...bought it too :D 

L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Faye Review, Loreal Faye review

Saturday, 26 July 2014

It's cute, it's colourful, it's comfortable! (Pretty Secrets : Review)

Chicas, greetings! ^_^

Have I got a fabulous thing to share with you! It's the new Comfy Fit range launched by Pretty Secrets, and yes we're loving it!

Check out those eye-catching pop art coasters! So cool!

Wow, 3 sentences, 3 exclamtion marks :P And here I thought I'd keep my excitement under cover and approach this review in a cool and professional manner. Eh, I guess that plan just went out of the window, no? Alrighty then!

We really enjoyed our first experience with Pretty Secrets (you can read more on that here), and so when we saw they had launched a new collection, we were more than happy to try it out!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Adidas for Women Floral Dream Perfumed Deodorant : Review

I won't lie to you, I seem to have a thing for deodorants. I always end up strolling along the deo aisle in the supermarkets and definitely bring home 2! So I have all these various bottles sitting in my cupboard, but to my credit, I do manage to use them up in the humid Bhubaneswar heat :P

All of you are acquainted with my love for Adidas deodorants. I've owned Natural Vitality (using the 4th bottle now!), Happy Game, and Pure Lightness before, and I've sprayed on some borrowed Fruity Rhythm as well. I decided to pick up the floral variant for a change this time. Now usually, I'm not a fan of floral based fragrances, but after this one from Adidas, I'm taking back my words!

Adidas Floral Dream Deodorant Review

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

L'Oreal Go 360° Clean Deep Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin : Review

Hostel life wonks up your skin pretty bad, doesn't it? Ever since mine has started, my skin just won't behave! It goes dry, then oily, then flaky without warning. One day it'll be all clear and I'll marvel at the unexpectedness of it, but the very next day it says "Haha, just kidding Smriti!" and bam, a pimple pops up.

I'm struggling to come up with a regimen that will work according to the changing needs of my skin, and this is one product that I will give 5 stars to without further ado!

L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin Review

Sunday, 20 July 2014

I & Monkey, Bangalore

Guest post by Shravan Bendapudi

"So, we are putting up something new...courtesy my friend Shravan. Who is one of the most fantastically awesome person I know. Crazy drummer, brilliant brains and in love with food forever, Shravan is THE person I bug when I want to know about someplace good to eat...coz he knows it all! The best places for every cuisine. And being the nice guy that he is, he has agreed to do this post for us. Hope it helps you too :)"

Based on my experiences in the past, I have learnt to become wary of the “multi-cuisine” restaurant. Logically, it would seem justified – such places undertake such a wide palate that essentially it should be impossible to do justice to it all. Of course, there are exceptions, and such lovely exceptions at that: Eden at Chennai springs to mind almost immediately. I discovered this little gem in 2009-10 and their food (a mixture of Continental and Indian) is basically like having a really cool mom who’s good at cooking a lot of different stuff – its all big on mplicity, flavor and love … and I adored it.
But they are exceptions to what has otherwise been a widely consistent hypothesis. So when I was handed 2 menus at I&Monkey by the wait staff – one with Continental food and the other with Malayali food - I was quite perplexed.

To their credit, both menus seemed focused – they did not run into a large number of pages (just a single placard for each actually) and it didn’t seem to want to rehash the “Summer of ’69″ of each cuisine (you know, the overplayed hits?…). The descriptions did suggest that a modicum of thought had indeed been put into most dishes. Quite unsure what to expect, I got the pumpkin and green chili risotto.
The first bite and I was in love.
What I’ve learnt about risotto is that the rice has to be the focus; the garnish has to be invisible but enhance the flavor of the background. And on a rare occasion such as this, that’s exactly what it was – a rich, creamy bowl of slowly cooked Italian rice with the teasing “is-it? isn’t it?” sweetness of the pumpkin and the subtle heat of invisible green chili, so invisible that I never got a stray piece or any concentrated spice hits. In short, it was like a warm hug.
If I were to nitpick (and I will), there are just a couple of minor niggles I had with the dish. Firstly, I wish they would reduce the size of the parmesan that was used as the final garnish on the dish – they were sheets and when you took a bite with the cheese, it just overpowered everything else. And second, a few grains of rice – just a few, at the bottom, needed to be cooked a bit more: they were harder and more chewy than the rest – just a shade under perfect on consistency then.
It would seem then, that is one more exception to the rule that’s come to join the party. If the rest of the menu is anywhere close to that risotto, what we have here is something special – a verdict reserved for when I probably go back there for a full meal for a more comprehensive review. But even if it isn’t, at least got there for that risotto – it’s worth it.
I&Monkey – 3.5/5
Location – 12th Main, Off 100 ft Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

P.S. Would you like more of such "good restaurants to check out" posts? Let us know in the comments below :)
You can check out Shravan's blog here : http://kilroyisborn.wordpress.com

Monday, 14 July 2014

Toni and Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray : Review (love!)

You would agree with me when I say that no one woman is ever satisfied with the way she looks, yeah?
Eye colour, complexion, hair type, nose shapes, fingers and what not! It is funny really :D

Now, I have straight hair with recent slightly wavy ends (I do not know how). Some of you must be thinking... “well that is lovely” but being stuck with it every single day makes it so boring! I also find it very difficult to style it since the pins/clips/buns hardly stay put.
To top that I am not much of a hair product junkie. I have just a couple that I use and mostly it is just wash and go for me (a 10 min blow dry too...sadly frequently).  

It had been a long time I was eyeing the Toni and Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray and when it went discount of Flipkart a while back, I just had to get hold of it! And boy! (umm...girl :P) I am so glad that I did. If you remember then I mentioned it in my last Hooked Onto post :)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Press Note : NATIO introduces Ageless Organic Rosehip Oil

The leading Australian natural Cosmetics and Skin Care brand, NATIO, has introduced Ageless Organic Rosehip Oil. The innovative Organic Rosehip Oil nurtures your complexion and helps fight the visible signs of ageing.  A powerful source of Vitamin C, this cold-pressed organically certified oil delivers antioxidant support to help ward off free radical damage for smooth, healthy skin. 

End of Season Sale now at The Nature’s Co.!

The much awaited End of Season Sale now at The Nature’s Co.!
Celebrate this monsoon by splurging on nature for your body and soul.

The wait is finally over and this July it’s raining discounts here at The Nature’s Co. as the much anticipated EOSS goes live for the entire month! A mélange of natural beauty fantasies and pocket realities is what best describes The Nature’s Co. end of season sale. It’s during this time of the year you get ready to spruce up your beauty drawers, unleashing the beauty fanatic in you by reviving your dressing tables and closets, ticking out the products which have been on your beauty wishlists for forever now. The Nature’s Co. renders a chance to nab the best deals across a wide exotic range of body lotions, body butters, shampoos and creams, lip balms, bath salts, moisturizers, face wash, wellness products and more.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil : Review

A few weeks back we had put up a press note of the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil and when I got the bottle I was really excited to try it out. I had never used any products from Palmer's before and with the claims that the Skin Therapy Oil has, I was very very curious.
I have been using this oil religiously each night, for  around 20 days now (and even though it isn’t enough time to test out all the claims yet) I just couldn’t wait to share my views for now.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Special Discount by Pretty Secrets for C&D Readers ! :)

Hello everyone!

We hope you all have been doing great. 
As we said earlier, we are extremely sorry for being a little irregular with our posts and we promise to fix that soon (life is a bit frantic presently).
So as a gesture of appreciation, Pretty Secrets is offering all our loyal C&D readers (who love us so much. Thanks a lot you guys!), a special discount!