Toni and Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray : Review (love!)

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You would agree with me when I say that no one woman is ever satisfied with the way she looks, yeah?
Eye colour, complexion, hair type, nose shapes, fingers and what not! It is funny really :D

Now, I have straight hair with recent slightly wavy ends (I do not know how). Some of you must be thinking... “well that is lovely” but being stuck with it every single day makes it so boring! I also find it very difficult to style it since the pins/clips/buns hardly stay put.
To top that I am not much of a hair product junkie. I have just a couple that I use and mostly it is just wash and go for me (a 10 min blow dry too...sadly frequently).  

It had been a long time I was eyeing the Toni and Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray and when it went discount of Flipkart a while back, I just had to get hold of it! And boy! (umm...girl :P) I am so glad that I did. If you remember then I mentioned it in my last Hooked Onto post :)

The first impression of the bottle Now, I know that looks aren’t everything but hey, how often do you pick something up just because it looks good? 
The bottle has a matte rubbery finish and the colour is lovely too. It has a spritz-er which makes it very easy to spray the product evenly.
Overall, the bottle looks pretty and chic. 

And I am realising now that this post might sound like a rave :D Sorry!

So, apart from the look, what else did I love initially? The fragrance! This stuff smells amazing! Salty, fresh and beachy. It just reminds me of everything marine and a fun Summer holiday! You have to sniff it, seriously! (I spent 10 minutes sniffing it again before writing this is addictive like that :D)

I have been using it for a few months now, and I really like it. You can apply it to damp or dry hair whichever you prefer. It does not weigh down the hair or leave any obvious residue (though your fingers do need to be washed thoroughly after you are done) and it does not make the hair hard/crunchy.
In my opinion, it works much better on damp hair (towel dried). Here is how this fab thing has worked for me :

·        Spray it evenly over damp hair and blow dry upside down =  decent volume to my otherwise limp hair.

·         Spray it over a day old/mildly greasy hair (concentrating a bit more near the base...not exactly at the roots I mean) = Revamps 2nd day hair to a certain extent.  Now you can last one more day without the shampoo.

·         Spray it evenly through damp hair, concentrating on the lengths, divide the hair into sections, twist it up and let it dry. (or blow-dry if you are in a hurry) = pretty tousled, textured, beachy waves.

·         Spray it over dry hair, work it in with fingers to create some texture = can finally make buns/braids on my hair!! 
           The last two ways have to be my favourite ways of using it! Without this, simple things like braids and buns would just fall/slip out on my natural hair. Now I can finally make some good styles and it is so much easier to make buns and braids stay in place thanks to all the texture it gives.

I should probably tell you that just spraying it will not give you a pretty textured look. You would need to work with your hair, twist it, scrunch it, tease it...mess it up. And it can really enhance your look (waves/curls) giving you a sexy lived in look, or fun tousled hair.  

Like all sea salt sprays, this too is a bit drying on the hair, so avoid frequent use and moisturize you hair nicely every once in a while. And you might find this a bit is mainly just salt spray.

Price : 900 INR for 200 ml

The Verdict?

I really like how it works for my hair. Though this is the first sea salt texturising spray I have tried and I have nothing to compare it with (not many are available in India)
It is a saviour on lazy days when I do not want to heat style my hair, but still want a nice hair look. Perfect quick fix.
If you are a fan of the casual beachy waves and softly textured hair, you should go ahead and give this a try.

Why save beach hair just for the summer when you can have it all year round? :)

P.S. Have you used any other sea salt sprays? Any suggestions? 

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