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A few weeks back we had put up a press note of the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil and when I got the bottle I was really excited to try it out. I had never used any products from Palmer's before and with the claims that the Skin Therapy Oil has, I was very very curious.
I have been using this oil religiously each night, for  around 20 days now (and even though it isn’t enough time to test out all the claims yet) I just couldn’t wait to share my views for now.

The packaging is decent. A sturdy transparent plastic bottle (so you can see the amount of product remaining) with a flip top cap. I am not too happy with it though...I wish it had a pump dispenser or a spray or a dropper instead. It is really difficult to control the amount of product, and more than often I end up with too much oil out!

If you had met me 2 years back, I was a super oily skinned girl who never applied anything on her face...ever. Compare that to now and I am slathering oil on my face..it’s funny when I think about it now :D
Initially, before the first use I was very skeptical about it...Oil on my already oily acne prone skin? (A few people did think that I had lost it when they heard of this). But you girls know better don’t you? These oils are basically more of dry oils and do not give any chip-chip feel.

The oil is a light peachy coloured one. Palmers says that it has a rosehip fragrance. Now, I do not know that that is supposed to be like. But I can say that it does smell nice, a bit like cocoa butter and something floral. The fragrance lingers for a good amount of time after application.

 It is a very thin oil which absorbs into the skin fairly quickly (provided you do not go overboard with it). I have dry skin on my hands and legs (mainly because I am too lazy to moisturize them daily...don’t judge me!) and my skin just drinks the oil up in barely 2 minutes. My face takes around 20 minutes.
It does not leave behind any sticky residue/feel and does not stain clothes.

How I apply it?
Every night after cleansing my face, I use a toner to slightly dampen my face. 2 drops of the oil are more than enough for the entire face. Rub the oil together with my fingers and lightly massage it in.

As for the claims, do they work?
Yes, sort of. I cannot comment on the aging skin claims for now (I will make my mom test that out soon) or on the scar reduction (since I am sure it will take more time to show the results for that).
What I can say is, that after the first night I used it, I woke up to a much more glowing skin. Regular use over 20 days has definitely made my skin smoother and softer. It looks brighter now and more even toned. 
I was very scared for the first few days since I have acne prone skin, but the oil has not broken me out yet.
My legs and arms have also begun to look a lot nourished and the dry patches are almost completely gone.
I do have scars but I have not seen considerable difference yet...maybe I need more time. I will update you in a few more weeks.

You really need a very tiny amount for use as the oil spreads well and one bottle will last you a long time.
The only other issue that bothers me a bit (apart from the flip top cap) is that it contains dimethicone..and I wonder why would you need silicones in a therapy oil.
It will suit normal and dry skinned people well. On my medium oily skin (and in the super Bangalore weather... it isn't hot and humid anymore like home! I am so happy!) it works fine too. It might not work for very oily skins. 

Price : 670 INR for 60ml/ 2fl.oz.

If I overlook these two issues, I am quite satisfied with Palmers Skin Therapy Oil so far. It has converted me into a dry oil fan finally and I cannot wait to explore and try out more now! 

Disclaimer: Press sample. However, the opinions expressed here are our own and honest. 

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