Adidas for Women Floral Dream Perfumed Deodorant : Review

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I won't lie to you, I seem to have a thing for deodorants. I always end up strolling along the deo aisle in the supermarkets and definitely bring home 2! So I have all these various bottles sitting in my cupboard, but to my credit, I do manage to use them up in the humid Bhubaneswar heat :P

All of you are acquainted with my love for Adidas deodorants. I've owned Natural Vitality (using the 4th bottle now!), Happy Game, and Pure Lightness before, and I've sprayed on some borrowed Fruity Rhythm as well. I decided to pick up the floral variant for a change this time. Now usually, I'm not a fan of floral based fragrances, but after this one from Adidas, I'm taking back my words!

Adidas Floral Dream Deodorant Review

Here's the official description:
Floral Dream is a 'classic floral fragrance with contemporary facets' meant for a girl who 'needs to feel balanced and relaxed. Dreamy and soft, she loves the quiet moments and is close to nature.'
Top notes: Sensual harmony of wallflower and bergamot.
Heart notes: Floral bouquet, rich and feminine, of lily and rose.
Base  notes: Wrapping and powdery skin effect of vanilla and tonka bean.

Adidas Floral Dream Deodorant Review

Floral Dream falls in the category of Oriental Floral, and is more of a spring and daytime scent. It's very clean and light, with limited sillage. It doesn't last very long and usually takes 3 strong sprays throughout the day to keep the scent going. Apart from that, I really like Floral Dream because of it's uncomplicated blend. The bergamot opens with a happy freshness, and then the rose notes become more prominent. (At this time Floral Dream smells to me much like Nivea's Pearl Beauty shower cream with the Tea Rose scent). The drydown brings out light vanilla, and also hints of something cinnamony.

Price: 200 INR for 150ml

All in all, I would have never thought of liking floral blends but I'm reaching for this quite often. Floral Dream isn't the too-feminine-in-your-face kinds. It's got some wonderful notes that keep the fragrance from tipping over to the cloyingly sweet side.

As for me, I might get the EDT, not the deodorant again because I feel it's too light to use in peak summer, and doesn't do much to deodorize.

Which is your favorite range from the Adidas range of deodorants?

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