It's cute, it's colourful, it's comfortable! (Pretty Secrets : Review)

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Chicas, greetings! ^_^

Have I got a fabulous thing to share with you! It's the new Comfy Fit range launched by Pretty Secrets, and yes we're loving it!

Check out those eye-catching pop art coasters! So cool!

Wow, 3 sentences, 3 exclamtion marks :P And here I thought I'd keep my excitement under cover and approach this review in a cool and professional manner. Eh, I guess that plan just went out of the window, no? Alrighty then!

We really enjoyed our first experience with Pretty Secrets (you can read more on that here), and so when we saw they had launched a new collection, we were more than happy to try it out!

Here's what the company has to say...
Cute. Cotton. Comfort.
So, reaching the highest benchmarks of discreetness, Pretty Secrets ships your order wisely with the contents of the package not being mentioned anywhere on top. Is this a genius policy or what? Brilliant, I say! It ensures that you face no awkwardness or embarrassment whatsoever, and really makes your shopping experience a more comfortable :)

See how the contents are nicely packed in tissue? :)

Now the first thing you'll notice about this range is the splash of colour. I love the bold hues! It's fun and bright and cheery, and knowing I've got something like that on just boosts my energy throughout the day. Much like the way your face lights up when you have a pretty secret all to yourself ;)

These bras are padded and underwired, but don't let that scare you! They're sooo comfortable you can waltz through the day- no poking, no angry red lines. The cotton fabric is also quite soft and breathable, the clasps are sturdy,the straps are thin and hold up well, and overall this range provides good coverage and good support. Well done Pretty Secrets!

I got 3 of them in Bombshell Red, Vibrant Fuschia, and True Navy. In our last review, Supria from sushylovesblush suggested we show the contents of the package. Here it is this time! The red is honestly a patakha red :P :D I wouldn't have picked it up normally, but after trying out the shade I kind of like it! The other two are amazing colours too. In fact, all are, and I can imagine how pretty all of them would look lined up in my closet. I want them all! I definitely recommend the Comfy-Fit range to all of you :) It's worth a try!

Price : 599INR each

Do you agree that wearing fun lingerie uplifts your mood?

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