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After spending about half an hour staring at a blank page in front of me and thinking how to make this sound right (to avoid unwanted people from landing on this page you know) I have come to the conclusion that I will just say stuff as it is. (So if you are a guy reading this.. walk away now).

If you live in India, and especially in the smaller cities/towns, you will very well know how much of a hassle it is to shop for lingerie at the stores. Most of the sales people are men and I know it shouldn't be as embarrassing as this, but it still feels weird asking them to show pretty lingerie. Asking them about underwire bras or push up bras, convertible straps or just anything out of the plain old ordinary ones. I wish it wouldn't be so, but sadly most women do feel this way. 

And this is where Pretty Secrects comes in! A premium online Lingerie store which sells products of various brands including their own home brand.
Apart from lingerie they also stock nightwear (I loved some of their satin shorts and pyjamas.. planning to get a few), swimwear (ooh.. the pretty sarongs for a beach holiday!), shapewear, workout clothes, tops and dresses! I had no idea about these sections at all until a few weeks back, but they have some good stuff! 

My experience:
I placed the order on 19th and it was delivered on the 24th, so that is a pretty good delivery time, 4 working days. The process itself is very simple. You create an account on the site (which barely takes 2 minutes) add the stuff you like in your cart (which is the tough part...choosing :D) and place the order. One of the things I liked was that they offer COD service too! I know lots of people still prefer COD. There is free shipping on orders above 750 INR.
You get a lot of colours, patters and styles to choose from and the prices are affordable. They also have good offers running from time to time so make sure you to use them. I used their size guide to order and it is quite accurate. 

This is the sturdy coral pink box that they send your stuff in. Super pretty and cute! Just look at it. Don't you think so too? I did make me happy just looking at it :D

To make things even better, all your products are packed in opaque white paper inside. There is no mention of what the box contains on the invoice too, just codes. Really thoughtful and discreet.  

I ordered some pretty lingerie from their in house brand (I think if you wear something pretty inside you just feel so good all over... is it just me or do you girls feel the same too?) and the quality of the products are nice. They feel comfortable and fit well. 

I do recommend you all to check out the site and try it if you like it. It is easy and very convenient and you shouldn't be disappointed. :)

Have you shopped from Pretty Secrects before? Let us know about your experience!

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