And it was a great day!

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So the first thing that happened when I woke up was getting this parcel from Supria of Sushy Loves Blushsending the Lakme Enrich 129 (you can read her post about the lipstick HERE). Isn't she the sweetest?! Thank you Supria. You made my day!
In case you are wondering that a Lakme lipstick was one of the highlights of my day.. really? Then let me tell you that I was in love with this shade for a long time now, I don't know why I never got it..and then the universe sent me Supria :)

And the 2nd super highlight was voting! I was 17 when I moved from Jamshedpur to Bangalore and thus never got a chance to vote. So this was my first time and I was very excited. The guy at the counter though took his revenge on me. After I said "bhaiya, chota sa lagaiyega" (put a small mark) he went ahead and made sure he covered the entire nail that too in that weird broken pattern :P

How was your day? 

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