DIY : Makeup Brush Organization

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It is a bit irritating when you keep makeup brushes in a jar/holder and they just accumulate over each other in one direction, so here is an quick and easy storage idea (and you do not need to spend much at all). And it will look super pretty on you vanity too!! Lets get started shall we? 

Makeup Brush Organization ideas
You will need:
  • A plain glass/plastic container
  • Rice
  • Food colouring
  • Paper towels

Makeup Brush Organization ideas

For my holder I used an old plain glass. You could work with anything you have lying around (think empty candle jars?) 
Fill your jar with rice leaving some space above. Now take the food colour of your choice (I chose yellow) and put in a few drops. 

Start mixing the colour into the rice. Keep swirling till the colour is distributed throughout. You can add more colouring if required. 
Now spread the rice on a paper towel and let it dry. Fill you jar and you just made yourself a pretty holder!!

You can fill the jar completely with coloured rice, or go in layers.. 

Makeup Brush Organization ideas

Or you can mix some plain rice with the coloured one and get a pretty effect too. 

Makeup Brush Organization ideas

Stick in those brushes and keep them upright and seperated now. Make different ones to separate your eye and face brushes...or get a long rectangular jar and store them together. Whichever works for you :)

I had tried it with pebbles before this and though that looked pretty too, but they were scratching the brush handles...I really want to try coffee beans, pearl beads, black beans or maybe sesame/flax seeds or some lentils.. but I need to get more brushes first :P Now if could only find a way like this to organize jewelery!

Makeup Brush Organization ideas

Would you want to make yourself something like this? I hope you give this a go, let us know if you do :)

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