Hooked Onto # 9 :)

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And here is what I have been Hooked Onto lately:

1) Color Show in Coral Craze and Nude Skin:
You already have read my love for Coral Craze in the review here. Nude Skin has been getting a lot of attention too lately. Will review it soon! 

2) L'Oreal Shine Caresse, Bella and Lakme Lip Love in Charmer:
I raved yesterday about Bella (so I am not going to put you through that again). *in love!* 
And Charmer has been with me since a long time now, it did take a back seat for a while but I am loving it on my lips again, such a pretty coral :)

3) Headbands:
I got these from westside in February (i think) and they finally being used now. Especially when it is 40 degrees and all you want to do is to keep your hair up. If you follow us on Instagram then you would probably know that I am so loving creating the Boho hair look with these :) (and it barely takes 5 minutes!)

4) The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish:
Smells so fresh and nice! Summer shower fun :)

And lastly, to keep up with the whole orange love....

5) Orange Marmalade! 
It is just so yummy! Bye bye mixed fruit jam for me :D Anyone else a marmalade fan??

And oh, I must add, Floral bedsheets (like the one you see in the background). I have been loving them lately...for spring-summer :)

What are you loving lately? Tell us :)

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