The Body Shop Facial Buffer : Review

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This one is for all people like me! You know a proper skincare regime involves several know you should be following one regularly, but...there's always a but! Lack of time, tiredness..or just plain old lazy. You spend an average of 3 minutes maximum in front of the washbasin :D Sounds like you? Well then, The Body Shop Facial Buffer is one cute skincare accessory that you are bound to fall in love with!

The Body Shop Facial Buffer Review

"Used with facial wash, this gentle exfoliating sponge will leave skin soft and smooth. 
• Removes dead skin cells 
• Helps facial wash lather 
• Stimulates skin microcirculation 
• Ideal for dry skin that needs regular exfoliation

I have been using this little thing for just over a year now (I do not have the outer cover anymore). I had no experience of using facial buffers before this and bought it on an impulse and this has become one of my favourite accessories ever. (Have you seen he TBS Bath gloves? In love with them too. This is like that..but for your face).

The Body Shop Facial Buffer Review

The buffer absolutely lives up to its claims. I use it with my regular foaming facewash (see review here) about 2 times a week. It isn't at all harsh or abrasive. I have tried it with a scrub too, but I felt that was unnecessary.  Though you need to figure out the proper amount of pressure needed (you will be tempted to scrub scrub scrub with this thing, but remember your face is not a khadai that needs pril and scotch brite) and once you decide that, it works great. Just use it gently in circular motions and let the buffer do it's job. 

It thouroughly cleans my skin and exfoliates well which leaves the skin softer and polished. Even though it says it is meant for dry skin (it does get rid of dry flaky skin in one go), it works well with my oily skin too. The buffer is very easy to use and the band behind is very handy. I especially love carrying this when I am travelling. It reduces one bottle/tube of scrub that I would carried otherwise. Super convenient and totally recommended.

The Body Shop Facial Buffer Review
That is a very zoomed in photo, just to give you an idea of how the fibers are

One will last you pretty long, provided that you use it carefully and take proper care of it. Make sure you wash it thoroughly and let it hang dry. (which is one major con, you have to wash and dry it after every use). If you have super sensitive skin or lots of acne/pimples then it might be best for you to stay away from this (or using scrubs in general, as that only aggrevates the problem).

The Body Shop Facial Buffer Review

I love this buffer a lot. If you are careful and do not overuse this, it works so well. Recommended!I would totally repurchase this.

Price : 210 INR

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