Lakme Insta - Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner : Review

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Name one product that been there for ages and is still one of the most bought products? Name one product that most of us have used at one point of time? Name one product that was included in your stash when you started out with makeup? And if Lakme Insta Liner is what fits all of the above for you as well, then give me a high five! 

This was my very first eyeliner when I was 14. This and a clear lip gloss was all I had from then till the beginning of college. I wasn't a kajal girl or a lip colour girl and eyeshadows and blushes were a scary world for me. But I did like eyeliners, especially those little kitten flicks...I was obsessed with them. Now I am more of a kajal is funny how prefrences change. 

We all are very much familiar wih the cute bottle, it looks like their nail paint bottle. The bottle is sturdy and the brush is quite sleek and of good quality. Not too stiff, not too flimsy. It picks up decent amount of product and you can draw thin as as well as thick lines with it easily. I find the short handle really efficient to work with. Maybe because I have been using this for years now and I feel so comfortable with it...Do you prefer short handles or longer ones? There is no ingredient list mentioned. 

Freshly applied, the liner looks intense black and very glossy. But it does turn a bit lighter and matte after drying (but the intenstity is good still).  It isn't one of the fastest drying liners available today. It takes sometime to dry completely. So be a bit patient. Once set, it does not smudge or chip. Unless of course it comes in contact with water. 

Now, it claims to be a water resistant eyeliner but this is not true. It spreads very easily when it comes in contact with water & accidental rubbing after that. Beware of rain/crying/accidental water splashes followed by any rubbing. In a way, yes it is somewhat water resistant but not water proof. (I wish they launched a water proof version of this! I would run and buy it on day 1!). Another problem that I face is when I get it inside my eye. You know when the brush has too much product and you are trying to do the inner corner area? It spreads all over, does cause some temporary irritation and sort of makes everything messy while you try and wipe it clean. These are the only two main problems with it. 
Do make sure to check the brush before puchasing it, sometimes they turn out to be a bit irregular.

Here are the swatches:

This is usuaually how thin I wear my liner and with a small little flick

And this is as thick as I can go comfortably. Any more and I feel that I look somewhat weird :D 

Price : 100 INR  for 9ml   available here
(to think it used to be priced at 75 once upon a time!)

Overall, it is a great liner. Affordable and of good quality. And one bottle will last you a long long time! It can be easily used as an everyday liner (except perhaps during the monsoons) and for women/girls who are just starting out with makeup or a liquid liner. 

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