Lotus AloeHydra Moisturising Gel : Review

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You know how in the hot Indian summer, sometimes you just want a break from your regular moisturiser?  I'm guilty of skipping moisturising altogether soooo many times! :P I know you should always moisturise, no matter what, but this high humidity just puts me off of applying anything on my face at all!
But I could see the effect it was having on my skin, so out I went, hunting for a god-send product to put an end to my summer woes..

Lotus AloeHydra Moisturising Gel Review

And that's how I came across AloeHydra from Lotus Herbals. Now this has to be the only recent skincare buy that I purchased on a whim, but I'm glad I did because this baby is awwwwwe-some!

What the company claims..
This AloeHydra Aloe Vera moisturising gel contains extract of entire leaf of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plant which is rich in essential polysachharides, vitamins and minerals & therefore contributes in enhancing considerable levels of moisturisation of skin.

Lotus AloeHydra Moisturising Gel Review

Lotus AloeHydra Moisturising Gel Review

Having perpetually dry skin, I usually look for more emollient creams, but this manages to work fine for the summer months. It is a fresh lemon coloured gel that comes packed in a study leak-proof transparent bottle with a pump dispenser. Two pumps are enough to cover my entire face and neck.

Lotus AloeHydra Moisturising Gel Review

Lotus AloeHydra Moisturising Gel Review

AloeHydra spreads amazingly well and has a mild fragrance that I personally like a lot. It gives a cooling sensation initially, but that lasts for such a less amount of time that it really does not count. The gel is light and absorbs easily into the skin. Post-application my skin actually does feel more supple and smooth, and also presents a healthy...ummm, it's not a glow exactly...more like a shine (?)

Price: 245 INR for 100g

It's fuss-free enough to be used under your everyday makeup. I like using it after showering as I hate slathering on heavy creams after I've scrubbed my skin clean. Using it everyday as a part of my skincare routine is showing very positive results! Me likey! :D It also contains rose water, honey, and glycerin which are an added bonus :)


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