Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fabindia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream : Review

Fabindia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream Review

Wow, isn't the name a mouthful? I'll just call it vit e cream. Short and simple :)
This moisturiser, ladies, is good news all the way. Treat yourself with this product and say goodbye to stretchy, flaky, parched skin.

About fabindia:
Fabindia is India's largest private platform for products that are made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes.
Fabindia links over 80,000 craft based rural producers to modern urban markets, thereby creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, and preserving India's traditional handicrafts in the process.
Fabindia promotes inclusive capitalism, through its unique COC (community owned companies) model. The COC model consists of companies, which act as value adding intermediaries, between rural producers and Fabindia. These are owned, as the name suggests, by the communities they operate from; a minimum 26% shareholding of these companies is that of craft persons.
Fabindia's products are natural, craft based, contemporary, and affordable.

This information was for your benefit so that you can splurge without guilt. It's shopping for a good cause! :D

The packaging is simple and standard fabindia. The cream comes in a soft tube with a transparent flip-top cap. Hassle free, although you have to be careful about squeezing out only the amount required.

Ingredients mentioned are purified water, olive oil, glycerine, glyceryl mono stearate, sodium lactate, beeswax, cetyl alcohol, shea butter, dimethicone, imid urea, methyl paraben, triethanolamine, fragrance, carbopol 940, allantoin, propyl paraben, disodium EDTA, vitamin E.

Fabindia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream Review

The texture of this cream is quite thick. You can see from the picture that it doesn't drip. As a rule, I believe formulas that aren't runny are good for dry skin. A small quantity is enough for whole face and neck, and it gets absorbed with a few strokes.
This cream is lightly fragranced, nothing too chemical or irritating. Sensitive noses will be happy I think. :)
After I apply the cream, it sinks into my skin within 15-20 minutes and I can feel it working. You know how when you wash your face you can feel some lotion sitting on your skin and slipping away with the water? Fabindia vit e cream doesn't do that. It actually penetrates your skin to provide the needed hydration and does so for hours.

Fabindia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream Review

I generally feel the need to reapply after 6 hours or so. (Please note that most of my day is spent indoors. I do not get exposed to sun or wind a lot. Staying power will vary accordingly.)

I’m on my second tube of this cream and I can really see the difference it has made. My skin used to be extremely dry, with flaky patches around the nose, but after applying this cream for slightly more than a year, the texture of my skin has improved a lot. It no longer feels parched and stretched. All the dry patches are gone and my skin is a lot smoother and healthy looking.

Fabindia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream Review
Blended completely

All dry skinned women should give this a try, I highly recommend it!

Price: 200 INR for 120ml

Have you tried any products from fabindia? How was your experience? Do comment  below and share your story!

Until next time ladies xoxo!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Small Haul Yet Again

I was returning from my university head office with my friends the other day (submission of forms and stuff) and Bangalore Central fell on the way home. Now, could you possibly imagine that 3 girls will not go in and check out stuff if there is a fabulous sale going on!!
(On almost all the brands there) We had a few minutes to spare, so we hopped in. My friend bought some comfy shoes for casual wear and I bought stuff for my darling SIS (ahem... Are you reading this? I do praise you. Seeee!)

I head to the cosmetics counter and this is what I see:
Maybelline had 20%off on eye/lip products.
Loreal was on 25%off on selected items
Lakme 25% on selected products
Bourjois 10%off on lipglosses and eyepencils
Chambor was also giving discounts although I forgot on what. >.<

Immediate reaction on whatsapp: " aaaaa...Smriti!! There are blah blah blah great offers here. I'll send you swatches of stuff! You want any? Tell me quickly!"

So the next 45 minutes were spent clicking rough pics of swatches. And she choosing the ones she liked.
Anyway, here's what I bought:
1. Lakme Satin black kajal (for daily use..since its economical. Reviewed here)
2. Maybelline baby lips lip balm antioxidant berry (yet again.. in love with them. Picked up 2)
3. Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow - pomegranate punk, bad to the bronze and bold gold.
4. ToniQ chain (since Smriti likes neckpieces with interesting pendants or lockets)
5. Maybelline eye and lip makeup remover
I slipped into Garuda after this for a while. And promptly bought
6. The Body Shop bath gloves
7. The Body Shop tea tree blotting tissues
8. Orris nail polish remover pads.. (something new I spotted... why not?)

And yes well, got a big box of Mad Over Donuts on my way out! Yum!! *big fan*

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fabindia Haul

When we couldn't decide what to get Ma for her anniversary, we went ahead with skincare products. A woman loves her beauty potions after all, so we knew we couldn't go wrong with it.

fabindia creams

Here's what the we put into the basket:
fabindia vitamin e daily moisturising cream
fabindia vitamin e depigmentation cream
fabindia vitamin e enriched night cream for dry skin
fabindia lemon intensive hand cream
fabindia avocado foot cream

Plus a few trinkets. Reviews of all products coming soon. Stay tuned! Hope you’re all having a lovely week.
Muah :-* 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day Manicure :)

So with the 14th being just a day away, love is going to be all around us.... Why not show it off on your nails too? If you have the time try this one. Its easy and super fast.

Valentine's Day nail art

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lakme Black Satin Kajal: Review

I really love love love my Amway Attitude kajal coal, but then it costs around 350 INR and since its really creamy it gets used up pretty quickly. (A month or so with everyday use.. sometimes with twice a day application).

Lakme Black Satin Kajal Review

Living on a budget isn't very easy and I could not afford to spend a lot on that one every month. So for an everyday purpose I was looking for a cheaper alternative (something I can make-do with for a while.. when I am out in the neighbourhood).
After a lot of debating between Lotus and Lakmé, I chose the latter simple because its in a pencil form
Lakmé Black Satin Kajal was launched in the Gypsy Collection.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hooked Onto # 3 :)

First month of the year gone by already, and I'm still getting used to writing '13 in my notes. Goodness knows when my brain will accept the changed numeral! I like to think that some primitive part of it still reckons time by the seasons. So probably, by the time spring sets in, '13 will have been accepted by the convoluted neuron mass housed in my cranium.
My apologies, the zoology book open on my lap is seeping into this post. Time to put my inner nerd back into its box!

So...back to the point- my current obsessions.

1) Jasper- Inappropriate at this age? Who cares? It's so kee-ute! This little buddy has been keeping me company while I toil over organic chemistry. And while I snore too. There's something about snuggling in with a soft toy that takes you back to happier days, when you were missing two of your front teeth and still grinned at the camera because organic chemistry didn't loom over you.

2) Elle 18 nail pops- At 50 INR, I picked up these 2 gorgeous shades; a vampy red and a tomato red with pink undertones. I've been flaunting both on my nails this week. These are the first reds I have picked up. Instant love.

3) Papaya- I'm sure everyone's heard of this bomb from Revlon. My liking for it is bordering on obsession :D When I say I can’t get enough of it, I mean it. It’s moisturizing, non-sticky, long lasting, and bright. Hits all the check marks in my boxes, even my mother likes it!

4) Gathiya- My go-to snack for the past month. Salty, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth and besan. Enough said!

5) These bracelets- Because a little bit of leather is always good. And because these were bought by my lovely sister for me. (^_^)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I was just going through my phone gallery, deleting some old clicks (apparently Mr. Phone says "memory too low" and all I want to do then is to slam it against the wall...don't judge me, that's how I make my devices work when they get stuck. Kick it, punch it... Whichever works. And it does work. Well most of the times... err..!).

Tribal Nail Art

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Brush Brush!

It has been a long time since I have written anything for oral care.
We all know that it is advisable to brush twice daily right? But how many of us know the correct brushing technique? Everyday in the hospital, I get patients with badly eroded and abraded teeth. Wrong brushing direction, improper force and the wrong technique used over a long period of time does more harm to our teeth than good. The whole brushing up and down and sideways as we usually do causes tooth abrasion over the years, leading to further problems like hypersensitivity.

There are several techniques that may be used when brushing your teeth depending on the status of your oral cavity.  However, studies have shown that the most popular and by far the most effective technique is the Modified Bass Technique.