Hooked Onto # 3 :)

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First month of the year gone by already, and I'm still getting used to writing '13 in my notes. Goodness knows when my brain will accept the changed numeral! I like to think that some primitive part of it still reckons time by the seasons. So probably, by the time spring sets in, '13 will have been accepted by the convoluted neuron mass housed in my cranium.
My apologies, the zoology book open on my lap is seeping into this post. Time to put my inner nerd back into its box!

So...back to the point- my current obsessions.

1) Jasper- Inappropriate at this age? Who cares? It's so kee-ute! This little buddy has been keeping me company while I toil over organic chemistry. And while I snore too. There's something about snuggling in with a soft toy that takes you back to happier days, when you were missing two of your front teeth and still grinned at the camera because organic chemistry didn't loom over you.

2) Elle 18 nail pops- At 50 INR, I picked up these 2 gorgeous shades; a vampy red and a tomato red with pink undertones. I've been flaunting both on my nails this week. These are the first reds I have picked up. Instant love.

3) Papaya- I'm sure everyone's heard of this bomb from Revlon. My liking for it is bordering on obsession :D When I say I can’t get enough of it, I mean it. It’s moisturizing, non-sticky, long lasting, and bright. Hits all the check marks in my boxes, even my mother likes it!

4) Gathiya- My go-to snack for the past month. Salty, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth and besan. Enough said!

5) These bracelets- Because a little bit of leather is always good. And because these were bought by my lovely sister for me. (^_^)

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2 thoughts

  1. I'm a big Revlon colorburst papaya fan too.. wear it everywhere i go

    1. Haha, I've yet to see someone who's not! Don't you just love the fact how it can be sheered out or built up to opaque coverage? So versatile!