Fabindia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream : Review

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Fabindia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream Review

Wow, isn't the name a mouthful? I'll just call it vit e cream. Short and simple :)
This moisturiser, ladies, is good news all the way. Treat yourself with this product and say goodbye to stretchy, flaky, parched skin.

About fabindia:
Fabindia is India's largest private platform for products that are made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes.
Fabindia links over 80,000 craft based rural producers to modern urban markets, thereby creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, and preserving India's traditional handicrafts in the process.
Fabindia promotes inclusive capitalism, through its unique COC (community owned companies) model. The COC model consists of companies, which act as value adding intermediaries, between rural producers and Fabindia. These are owned, as the name suggests, by the communities they operate from; a minimum 26% shareholding of these companies is that of craft persons.
Fabindia's products are natural, craft based, contemporary, and affordable.

This information was for your benefit so that you can splurge without guilt. It's shopping for a good cause! :D

The packaging is simple and standard fabindia. The cream comes in a soft tube with a transparent flip-top cap. Hassle free, although you have to be careful about squeezing out only the amount required.

Ingredients mentioned are purified water, olive oil, glycerine, glyceryl mono stearate, sodium lactate, beeswax, cetyl alcohol, shea butter, dimethicone, imid urea, methyl paraben, triethanolamine, fragrance, carbopol 940, allantoin, propyl paraben, disodium EDTA, vitamin E.

Fabindia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream Review

The texture of this cream is quite thick. You can see from the picture that it doesn't drip. As a rule, I believe formulas that aren't runny are good for dry skin. A small quantity is enough for whole face and neck, and it gets absorbed with a few strokes.
This cream is lightly fragranced, nothing too chemical or irritating. Sensitive noses will be happy I think. :)
After I apply the cream, it sinks into my skin within 15-20 minutes and I can feel it working. You know how when you wash your face you can feel some lotion sitting on your skin and slipping away with the water? Fabindia vit e cream doesn't do that. It actually penetrates your skin to provide the needed hydration and does so for hours.

Fabindia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream Review

I generally feel the need to reapply after 6 hours or so. (Please note that most of my day is spent indoors. I do not get exposed to sun or wind a lot. Staying power will vary accordingly.)

I’m on my second tube of this cream and I can really see the difference it has made. My skin used to be extremely dry, with flaky patches around the nose, but after applying this cream for slightly more than a year, the texture of my skin has improved a lot. It no longer feels parched and stretched. All the dry patches are gone and my skin is a lot smoother and healthy looking.

Fabindia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream Review
Blended completely

All dry skinned women should give this a try, I highly recommend it!

Price: 200 INR for 120ml

Have you tried any products from fabindia? How was your experience? Do comment  below and share your story!

Until next time ladies xoxo!

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