Maybelline NY The Colossal Kajal: Review

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Maybelline Colossal Kajal Review

What's the one makeup product we Indian women have loved through the ages? It's the same one that I never step out of my house without putting on. Yes ladies, it's our precious kajal. And forget stepping out, I even wear it when I sit inside the whole day.  Getting on with the actual review...

Brand- Maybelline NEW YORK
Product- The COLOSSAL kajal
Price- 150 175 INR (recently hiked)
Quantity- 0.35g

What Maybelline claims...
  • Colossal Intensity- Our deepest black pigments + unique tip delivers the blackest shine ever. Color glides on smooth and so intense!
  • Colossal Wear- Never before 6H of smudge resistant wear. Our exclusive color fix formula guarantees intense color results that won't smudge, budge, or fade. No more touch ups.
  • Colossal Care- The ultimate in care with a combination of 5 caring ingredients. Formula enriched with Vitamin E soothes the eyes 

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Review

The truth...
I liked it immediately when I first used it. The kajal is a true black though not quite intense, but somehow still manages to look gorgeous. I also like how the pigmentation is buildable. You can swipe over your line multiple times for a stark black. However, I'm not sure why Maybelline says it delivers a shine; the formula is matte. Weird o_O

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Review
Swatches L to R - One light handed swipe, one swipe with pressure, three swipes

TCK goes on smoothly, even with a light hand, without being too creamy. However, you do have to apply a bit of pressure to get an intense black line, without that it looks a little grey on the eyelid. It is definitely smudge resistant, and stays on me for a good 4 hours before I can see the edges fade. But that maybe purely because I do not prime my lids, and the oil helps the pigment travel. At this stage, I usually clean up the edge with a Q-tip, and I'm good to go for another couple of hours. After that, the intensity wears out and I have to reapply.

After vigorous rubbing (20 times)

The Colossal kajal is safe to wear on your waterline, and I speak from experience. It doesn't sting the eyes or cause them to water excessively, although you cannot get away with one swipe if you’re in a hurry.
Packaging wise, the kajal is encased in a loud yellow plastic twist up case. The mechanism is smooth enough for the price. Curiously though, with my first buy, when I twisted the kajal up all the way, it refused to go back. I had to push it in all the way and after that the retractable mechanism didn't work. Might be a defect, I can't say for sure. The lid goes on securely with a click, easy peasy. Overall, very travel friendly.

The verdict...
It certainly is a good budget buy. It defines my eyes well so I do not mind putting a little effort into swiping it twice or thrice.  Will repurchase without a doubt.
The only con I find is the stingy quantity. C'mon Maybelline, you come out with such a fantastic product, and then become all kanjoos with it? Grrrr x-(

Use it as...
An eyeliner pencil, a kajal, or a black base for smokey looks. It works fine all these ways.

Price: 175 INR for 0.35gm

Have you used the colossal kajal? How was your experience with it? I'd love to hear your story, so do drop a comment below :* :)

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11 thoughts

  1. A lot of people are happy wid it. But it doesn't stay on my eyes for more than 2hrs. It spreads. My eyes are moist all the the time.
    Ne Kajal suggestions??
    Have tried even Mac and Revlon. But not happy with the results.

    1. Hey Neha, you should definitely try the Amway Attitude Kajal Coal then. It is fabulous. Will review it soon. :)

    2. Hello again Neha! My sister is quite the fan of the Amway one, we'll do the review ASAP. Apart from that, you can try out the following-
      Faces Canada long wear eyeliner pencil in solid black (249 INR). We have it in metal brown and it stays prettye well on the eyelid.
      Lakmé Absolute kohl ultimate (675 INR) is on the expensive side, but I've read it's quite effective even with watery eyes. Colorbar I glide pencil in blackout (399 INR) is raved for its formula and pigmentation.
      Rimmel London Scandaleyes waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Black

      Do swatch these in the store.

      P.S. do you use kohls on your waterline or your lower lashline? Setting the kohl with translucent powder or a black eyeshadow will help it stay put, but do this only if you use the kajal on your lashline.

      Hope this helps!

    3. Thanks for your wonderful suggestions.
      So wat should be my 1st try outta ur list?
      Money not a constraint. Coz MAC was already an expensive one.

    4. Neha, you should really give the Amway one a try. It is my absolute favourite. The review is up here on the blog. Also, the Faces eyepencil is good. I have the one in navy blue and it stays on pretty well.

  2. Hey Smriti.. It doesnt stay on me as kajal so I prefer it as an eye liner.. though it isnt as smooth as Faces Eye liners on me but still i love it matte black finish and long staying power.. Nice review :)

  3. I agree. Faces eyeliners are very smooth and creamy, colossal kajal is soft and doesn't tug but quite firm in comparison to faces.

    What colours do you own in Faces eye pencils? I have my eye on the forest green one!

  4. I have used it and liked it :)

    1. Colossal is such value for money na? I keep going back to it again and again :)