Hooked Onto # 4 :)

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1) Bebinca
Though I have not been to Goa yet (I know! Tch!), one of my thoughtful batchmates who is from there introduced me to this wonderful yumminess.. and I have been hooked ever since. Pity I haven't found them anywhere else.. so I do nag people I know to get me a box if they are on a trip there :P
2) Lotus sunscreen
Its getting hot and really sunny in Bangalore again. Now I know we are supposed to put sunscreen religiously everyday.. but I tend to be very lazy with it. It's a new mission now to use it every single day! And I love this lotus one! Its perfect. Reviewing it soon.
3) Braun epilator
This is such a lifesaver!! Gone are the days of going to a parlour and putting yourself through the chip chip -ness. This little beauty has taken my heart. 20 minutes, comfortably on my bed, be it anytime, and I am sorted! *in love*  (and also a big THANK YOU to the person who got me this! Mwah!)

4) Grey's Anatomy
Just got season 8 and 9... Watching it back to back now. Can't help it at all.  And before I realise it, its 5 in the morning and the birdies are chirping outside :D
Any Grey's Anatomy fans here??
5) After Eight Mint Chocolate thins
These are like delicate melt in your mouth must haves. I love mint and chocolate combo. And if you do too, these are a must try!

What are you guys currently hooked onto? Do share :)

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