Park Avenue Beer Shampoo: Review

I am not a big fan of beer.. yes you heard me right all you beer lovers... I feel weird every time I try to drink it. My roomate on the other hand loves beer like crazy!
But just beacuse I don't like the taste of beer doesn't mean I can't use it in other ways! I know you all are well aware of the so claimed fabulous effects of using beer on your hair.. Now I haven't used it on my hair either till date, but I found Park Avenue's Beer Shampoo at Health and Glow and I couldn't stop myself from picking it up. Lets see how it fared yeah?

The packaging:
●Its like a beer bottle. Very new. Very interesting. Full points from me on the look.
●The bottle has a flip top which is a bit loose (I don't know if this the case with just my piece or all of them). Its not very travel friendly according to me, I can see it leaking, but you can transfer it to a travel bottle easily.

The consistency:
●Its a gel shampoo. Which I personally prefer over the cream ones. I feel gel shampoos do a much better job of cleaning and have less product buildup.. but this is entirely on personal choice.
● The shampoo is not too thick. Slightly on the runny side and coloured a pale golden yellow.. exactly like beer.

The experience:
I have been using it for 2 weeks now (roughly 5 washes) and here's what I think --
● The smell is sort of like beer.. you know the whole fermented smell? Just like that! I am not a huge fan of the smell.. I like my nice smelling bath products. But the smell goes away after the wash thankfully. Beer loving people will like it though (it gives my roomie what she calls an LDS= liquor deficiency syndrome! Yeah she is weird I know, but I like her)
● It removes all traces of oil pretty well and trust me when I say that, because last night it was like I had dipped my head into a tub of oil.. I have tried this shampoo with olive oil and coconut oil. Removes them all easily.
● It also made me free of all the dry flakes on my scalp (I was having them in certain areas and I didnt know why and this cleaned it all in the first wash itself.... Impressive!)
● It gave my hair loads of volume! Yaaay! Finally a shampoo which does that! I have straight hair with slight waves at the end.. and I have lost a lot of hair ever since hostel life started.. and since then I have been battling limpish hair. I so badly wanted some volume and bounce. And this shampoo gave me that!
:) :)
● On the shine aspect though, not so much. I get more shine when I use my regular Sunsilk or Loreal shampoo. But I am ready to compromise a bit here for the volume.
● The shampoo did make my hair a bit dry. I didnt use a conditioner when I first used the shampoo which was a mistake. Now I find that if I oil my hair before or use a hair serum/ small amounts of conditioner after, the shampoo is not that drying. (For refrence, I have an oily scalp and somewhat normal to dry hair)
Very dry/frizzy haired girls might want to stay away from this one.. although if you do want to use it let me know how it fared for you. It will vary from person to person.

Price: 160 INR for 200ml

Will I repurchase it?
Yes, I think. I can keep alternating this with my regular shampoo.

Have you all tried it? How was the experience? Do share.

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