Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector: Review

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Garnier BB Cream Review

2 little letters for instant perfect skin! This had me curious ever since I read those lines and of course saw Deepika Padukone's flawless bright face in the advertisement. Sure, ads can be misleading but then I really wanted to see if it was better than the Maybelline one. (So, as soon as my maybelline one finished I got this small tube to test and as I have been using the maybelline one ever since it came out I think I can safely compare).

Garnier BB Cream Review

The tube is wheatish with a white twist cap. The packaging is same as the Maybelline one, complete with the same nozzle system which I like as there is no wastage of the product.
Now BB creams are supposed to be this new complete skincare system that provide moisturisation, heal acne, help with scar reduction, sun protection, skin tone everything.
However, these are the overseas ones, the actual Blemish Balms. In India what we get from both Maybelline and Garnier is just a tinted moisturiser.

Garnier BB Cream Review

It's been 2 weeks since I've been using Garnier BB cream and on my slightly oily combination skin it works fine. If asked to choose between the Maybelline one and this, I will be confused. Lets just say that Maybelline one in summers and humid days and the Garnier one in the winter months. :P
Giving you a quick summary :

  • This one blends amazingly well. (No working the product in like the maybelline one).
  • I love the smell. Makes me sniff the product a lot. But yes if you like your products to be fragrance free then stay clear of this one.
  • Did not give any whitish cast at all. (The Maybelline one used to to an extent.. I used the shade 01 in nude)
  • Unlike the Maybelline one this gives a dewy finish which is fine by me. Completely matte by maybelline was also ok.. but I am kinda preferring this one more for now, since it is not very hot yet.
  • Stays for 3-4 hours without getting patchy or greasy. 
  • The consistency is a bit thick but it does not feel heavy at all when applied
  • It goes on quite sheer so do not expect heavy coverage from this one. It can be layered up a bit though (I have included a pic for reference. I have used a black kajal there)
  • It does even out my complexion immediately and gives a slight glow. Also reduces the redness caused by acne and scars.
  • Has SPF 24, which is a bonus! 
  • Dry skinned women will like this one. 
  • Might not work very well on oily skin in the summers (due to the dewy finish it gives). So oily faces cannot skip using a compact powder.
  • Did not break me out.
  • Tackles dry patches effectively.
  • More economical than the Maybelline one.
Garnier BB Cream Review

Sure the Maybelline one has cuter packaging.. all baby pink and blue and metallic...I really love the tube, but in terms of quality for the price, Garnier one gets all the points from me.
The only disadvantage is that it comes only in one shade, but then it goes on quite sheer so it should not be a problem. But you can give it a try at the stores. Testers are available, thankfully.
This one is best suited for women who want light coverage for daily wear and don't need heavy-duty blemish concealers. The SPF is a bonus and the cream isn't heavy at all.

Garnier BB Cream Review
The spot test

Garnier BB Cream Review
Blended - you can see the coverage it provides

Price : 99 INR for 18g and 199 INR for 40g

Will I repurchase this?
Not for now. I will only use this one on less humid days and winters so it will last me a long time.
If you have normal to dry skin and want a dewy glow/finish, you must try this one!

P.S. My mom has normal to dry skin and I gave her a tube of Garnier BB cream and she loves it a lot!! 

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