Hooked Onto # 5 :)

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1) Giant Mugs of Coffee
Costa Cafe recently opened close by, and I love taking a walk down in the evenings for some quiet time alone. A huge huge cup of coffee (the 1st time I ordered for the large cup I didn't know that it would actually be this big) and the lake across the road. Quiet evenings. *bliss*

2) Re-discovering Old Favourite Chocolates
Kit-Kat came out with a new drk chocolate version! Sooo much better than the normal one. I love dark chocolates.
And oh... Nutties! Caramel and butterscotch-ey bits of heaven.

3) M.O.D
They finally opened a counter in Garud Mall (it isn't very close.. but its the closest outlet from the hostel.. so I don't really mind). "Mad Over Donuts". They have an amazing selection. My favourite being Choco Bomb (heat it up and bite into a chocolate explosion! Although you wouldn't want to see me while I'm indulging in one... It' s very very messy).
Try the Oreo one, Midnight beauty (dark chocolate), Cinnaster (its all plain looking but do not under estimate it), the White chocolate one (my roomie loves it & is insisting I put it here) and the one filled with bravian cream!

4) Lajja
Written by Taslima Nasrin, it is one of the best books I have read so far. Thanks again to my roomate who insisted I give it a read. After a lot of nagging from her, I finally picked it up. Needless to say, I have no regrets.

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