Amway Eyeliner Pencil Kajal Coal: Review

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Sometimes you do have that "love in first sight" experience.. yes, sometimes you are THAT lucky one. But for most of us, that's just not meant to happen. So you struggle with different options until you find THE one you've always wanted.
Now, before it sounds like I am talking about love.. let me clarify, I am not. Things like the perfect moisturiser, foundation and other beauty\makeup stuff are harder to find I think. You buy something and pray it works, and then it doesn't and you experience a mini heart break. Sometimes, just sometimes, finding Mr. Right is easier.

Amway Eyeliner Pencil Review

And so was the case with me finding MY perfect HG Kajal! There was trying out of various other ones before I ran into Amway Attitude Eyeliner Pencil in Kajal Coal... It sure was love with the first use! And now I am over the moon.. or maybe over the entire universe if I can manage that. Let me tell you'll about this beauty.

The Amway Product Description – Highlight your eyes like never before with Attitude Eyeliner Pencil. This allows you to emphasize your eyes with precision
Shades Available – Kajal Coal, Topaz Blue, Deep Purple, Jade Green and Warm Copper.
Price : 349 INR (was priced at 280 earlier) for 1.2g

Amway Eyeliner Pencil Review

Amway Eyeliner Pencil Review
Lol, see how much I use it?

Coming to the kajal:
● It isn't the blackest black I think, but it is nicely pigmented and black enough for me.
● It has a matte velvety finish which I love. (Somehow by experience I have found that the glossy ones smudge a lot).
● The pencil glides on beautifully without any pulling or tugging.
● It's easy to draw precise lines provided that the tip is sharpened ( I use the Lakme sharpner).
● The kajal stays on for Hours and Hours. Two swipes in the morning at 9 and I am sorted for the day till about 6 after which I do touch up if heading out somewhere.
● It is water proof and water resistant. So you'll have to use a make up remover/oil/vaseline to get it out completely, else there is no budging.. which is a pain on lazy days.. but its this ability of the pencil that saves me the raccoon eyes everday.. :) victory!! Happy dance also!
● The pencil is super creamy and soft, so while sharpening there is a bit of product wastage and this makes the kajal finish a bit quickly.
● You can use it on your waterline, lower and upper lash line with equal ease.
(I have used it on the upper eyelid as an eyeliner and it works amazingly well there too..It's just that I am personally more comfortable with liquid or gel liners. My hand is just not stable with pencil ones. But if you like a pencil eyeliner, you will surely love this one).
● If you want to go for a smokey eye look, smudging this one becomes a hassle. You have to be really quick, it sets in a minute. So I would recommend you'll to keep your smudging pencils or brushes handy for these times.
● You can only get amway products from their representatives.. so finding one becomes a lilttle mission. I had to look for over 3 months until I found one. Phew!
● Not tested on animals! Extra brownie points from me :)

Amway Eyeliner Pencil Review
Swatch without flash

Amway Eyeliner Pencil Review
Swatch with flash

I know even with the whole sharpeneing and a representative thing, I would still buy this one forever. Until I come across a better kajal, which is highly unlikely. This one has taken my heart away!

I recommended it to a few girls in my hostel and they have all loved it too.

Amway Eyeliner Pencil Review
After a few rubs

After vigorous rubbing
Makeup remover applied
All gone! Hassle free, no tugging

Go give it a try! You shouldn't be disappointed with this one. And now the EOTD!

Amway Eyeliner Pencil Review
Without flash

Amway Kajal Review
With flash

(P.S. I am just about to finish my 1st pencil now, hence the stick is tiny as you can see in the pics..will update with a fresh pic as soon as I get my 2nd one!)

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