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I was returning from my university head office with my friends the other day (submission of forms and stuff) and Bangalore Central fell on the way home. Now, could you possibly imagine that 3 girls will not go in and check out stuff if there is a fabulous sale going on!!
(On almost all the brands there) We had a few minutes to spare, so we hopped in. My friend bought some comfy shoes for casual wear and I bought stuff for my darling SIS (ahem... Are you reading this? I do praise you. Seeee!)

I head to the cosmetics counter and this is what I see:
Maybelline had 20%off on eye/lip products.
Loreal was on 25%off on selected items
Lakme 25% on selected products
Bourjois 10%off on lipglosses and eyepencils
Chambor was also giving discounts although I forgot on what. >.<

Immediate reaction on whatsapp: " aaaaa...Smriti!! There are blah blah blah great offers here. I'll send you swatches of stuff! You want any? Tell me quickly!"

So the next 45 minutes were spent clicking rough pics of swatches. And she choosing the ones she liked.
Anyway, here's what I bought:
1. Lakme Satin black kajal (for daily use..since its economical. Reviewed here)
2. Maybelline baby lips lip balm antioxidant berry (yet again.. in love with them. Picked up 2)
3. Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow - pomegranate punk, bad to the bronze and bold gold.
4. ToniQ chain (since Smriti likes neckpieces with interesting pendants or lockets)
5. Maybelline eye and lip makeup remover
I slipped into Garuda after this for a while. And promptly bought
6. The Body Shop bath gloves
7. The Body Shop tea tree blotting tissues
8. Orris nail polish remover pads.. (something new I spotted... why not?)

And yes well, got a big box of Mad Over Donuts on my way out! Yum!! *big fan*

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4 thoughts

  1. You seem to be a big Maybelline fan.. I love their products too.. I have the same eye makeup remover.. have been using it since years now.

    1. Now that you mention it, I'm realizing the same! Their nail polishes, lip balms & glosses, eyeshadows, mascaras, kajal, and makeup remover fill up my shelf. Lol, that's a whole lotta love towards Maybelline :D

  2. Lovely Blog. Following u for some fashion n beauty tips. :)

    1. We're glad you like our content, thanks for the follow!