How To Do The Viral Cartoon Trend On Instagram Reels & Tiktok

Written by: Swati on:

You might have seen a lot of reels & videos these days going viral on Instagram & Tiktok with 30 million views and 5 million likes that do nothing but make the person look like a Disney princess. Have you ever thought to yourself... "What sort of app makes these things?" and has the first answer to your question been like Prequel, Loopsie, Dizzi or Lensa? Have you downloaded these apps only to be disappointed by forced subscriptions or annoying ads or having to purchase watermark removal for an insane price of $50 a year?

I went through all these apps and found a better way - EMOFLIX - Anime video editor

Emoflix is an upfront charge of $5 only with absolutely no in-app purchases, spammy ads or subscriptions. And it makes any video or your camera feed into a beautiful cartoon!

It's pretty awesome, ngl. They also have a YouTube channel where they share cartoonized videos of famous celebs. I loved this one the most : 

They also take requests for cartoonizing your favourite celebs if you leave a comment on their video. Go try it out, it's pretty awesome!

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