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Hello all!
How is Sunday going? It is so hot here! We are having heat waves in March! So I am spending most of my time indoors and keeping myself busy with finishing some cross-stitch (something I had to finish way back in school, but I never did :P)

Sorry for being horribly inconsistent with the posts lately. I told you a while back that I was travelling insanely and that still continues...*I am exhausted* Though it is fun too! I just came back after spending Holi with my grandparents and cousins. Ate a lot, slept a lot..and I am sure I have gained a couple of kilos :P But that's okay..you don't get to have so much fun everyday, right? 

Moving on, this month I am hooked onto a bunch of different things. Take a look :

1) This tiny round glass vase and fresh flowers
The vase was an impluse buy (from Westside..they do have some good stuff!). It's just a plain round glass one, but it looks really cute and is perfect for putting just a few sprigs or flowers. Which brings me to flowers...It used to break my heart earlier cutting them from the garden but this season there were sooo many that a few stems were okay. Welcoming spring indoors :)

2) Revlon Lip Butter
I know I am too late to be going ga-ga over this, but these are so amazing! I finally got my hands on one during the GOSF and I have just 2 words -*in love* (I wish I had bought some more, everyone in the house seems to liking it :D)

3) Embroidered Jutis
Every year, we have a fair in town and if I am home during that time, I never fail to visit it. You always manage to find some interesting things (and at a good price!). Now embroidered jutis are something I love and I had worn out my last pair quite a while back. Got these from the fair and I have been trying to wear them on almost every occasion! Pretty? What do you think?

4) The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub
TBS makes the best body scrubs..seriously! This is my first one, and now I realise what I was missing on. The cocoa one smells oh-so-yummy and does the job perfectly. Now that the winters are almost over, I am trying to use this baby till the day it becomes too hot to use.

5) Cake Pops! 
Found these cute things at a local bakery. Talk about a super yummy midnight snack! :D 

So that is my list for the month. Tell us what you have been loving lately

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