"When I couldn't sleep at night" Nail Art :D

Written by: Swati on:

It's almost 3p.m. and I am just not sleepy! It's not like I do not want to..the cozy warm blanket is very inviting and I have been trying to put me off to sleep for the past one hour..but it is just not working! You know those days when you really want to sleep but your mind decides that "I will just not stop buzzing with random thoughts tonight. Haha!" 

Now, I did not what to do to kill some time, so I did this :D You know how much I like Tribal Nail Art don't you? I have shared a couple of designs earlier.  I think such designs look so fun and generally people think that you must have spent a lot of time doing it, but actually it is a lot quicker. 

Do you like tribal nail art? 

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