Gillette Venus Razor for Women : Review

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We are expected to to have smooth hair free skin right? All the time! (I do not want to get into this right now...believe me I can go on for a long time with this issue.. the pressures of being a woman! But let us just leave that for another day). Now, there are quite some options we have today to be all smooth and get rid of unwanted hair. And we all prefer something that works best for us. Which brings me to our review for today, the Gillete Venus Razor.

Gillette Venus Razor for Women Review

As far as I am concerned, I juggle between the different methods. While I was all for waxing for years (it gives the smoothest finish and you stay hair free for longer), it does feel messy and well, you have to take time out for it and you have to wait for the hair to grow back completely before another session. 
It was a life saver when I finally got a Braun Epilator! That thing is genius! I just love love it (let me know if you want a review for that).

Okay, so, the Gillette Venus Razor is something that I used a lot before the epilator came and it has been such a life saver so many times. I have it for a long long time now and I don't have the outer packaging anymore..sorry. 

"The first 3-blade razor designed for women! The Venus Original razor features protective cushions for a smooth, close shave.
  • 3-blade smoothness
  • Protective cushions gently smooth out skin for a close shave
  • Blue indicator strip fades away when you are no longer getting the optimal Venus shave
  • In-shower razor holder
  • Easy-to-change cartridges"

If you would check out the gillette website, you would see that this is one of their most basic razors. There are many more with different features (I wish they were available in India). 
The body is made of sturdy blue plastic with rubber grip so that it won't slip while using and an angled neck. The razor is very light weight.

The cartridge is disposable (which makes the razor quite economical, you do not need to get the whole thing every time). The blue button behind releases it when pushed and you can attach a new cartridge.

Gillette Venus Razor for Women Review

Gillette Venus Razor for Women Review

The cartridge has 3 fine parallel blades and is cushioned both sides. There is a blue indicator strip (just below the top cushion) which fades gradually (when you are no longer getting a close shave) so you get to know that it's time to change the blade. Also, the head pivots and it adjusts to contours and curves on its own. So you get the right angle everywhere, you do not need to apply pressure and there are no cuts and nicks! I really like this feature a lot! (you know how difficult it is to get around the ankles and knees...and this makes it super easy).

Gillette Venus Razor for Women Review

The cartridges come in their own sealed capsules. You get a pack of 4. The blade lasts quite a long time for me, but this depends on your use (I do not use mine frequently), but it does last for a good time.

I have used disposable razors in the past and when I switched to this one, shaving was a whole different experience. It gives you very close shave and you are left with just smooth skin with no nicks and cuts. It does the jab fast and if done right, you wouldn't have to go over an area twice. As far as ingrown hair and bumps are concerned, I have not faced any (just make sure you scrub before shaving and keep exfoliating regularly and do not use blunt old blades).

Ideally you should use a shaving foam with it, but I do not shave on a frequent basis, so I have not given it a try yet. I will not recommend you using soap since I feel that leaves the skin quite dry. Try using hair conditioner. No, I am not crazy. I have tried it a few times and Oh! the smoothest smooth skin you are left behind with. Seriously! Make sure you clean and disinfect your razor after every use.

Price:  199 INR 
            449 INR (for a pack of 4 cartriges)

I would totally recommend the Gillette Venus Razor to all. It will not disappoint you. If you are one who prefers shaving for hair removal this is something you must try (you would love it!). And even though you prefer waxing, this is a handy thing to keep for emergencies. :)

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