The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish : Review

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Now that you all know how much I love orange marmalade, it shouldn't be much of a surprise when I say that the TBS Satsuma Body Polish is...." yum! yum!" (and see, it makes me say stuff like a 6 year old!). I love my friend so so much for gifting me this one! :) 

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish Review

"This exfoliating, foaming gel gently buffs away dead skin cells to leave skin soft and smooth. It has a zesty citrus scent. 
• Gently exfoliates 
• Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth 
• Zesty satsuma scent"

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish Review

I love the transparent tube packaging, I love that it is a squeezy tube since the gel itself is quite thick (unlike the Cranberry Body Polish which is a winter favourite and comparatively runny). Like all other TBS body polishes, the granules are not harsh at all and provide gentle exfoliation. The body polish foams up nicely with a loofah (that is how I like to use it, I have not tried using it on its own) and rinses easily leaving no residue behind. Also, you do not need much for a single use, so it will last you a decent amount of time (although I should probably warn you that if you are like me, you will be tempted to use a lot more than actually needed, thanks to the smell).
Dry skins will need to moisturize after this, but I generally skip it since it is so hot and humid these days!

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish Review

And now coming to my favourite part.... THE SMELL! It is so good and refreshing. Citrusy and Zesty.. perfect for the summer! It makes my showers a treat and lifts up the mood! Although yes, it does smell a bit artificial but it is good nevertheless! (confession: I kept sniffing the tube every few minutes for the first few days :P)
On the not so good aspect, the fragrance does not last that long, around 20-25 mintues maximum. (how I wish it stayed on longer!). Maybe if one uses the satsuma lotion or butter it will stay on longer (hmmm...
wonders if I should get some of that). 

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish Review

Price: 595 INR for 200 ml

If you love citrus fragrances, and oranges and you are looking for gentle everyday exfoliation then do give this a sniff at the store.. I am sure you will be tempted to pick it up! :)

Have you tried it? Any recommendations for other fragrances I should try after this?

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