The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish: Review

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One of my favourite products of late have been exfoliaters! I have started to find them a must - my skin is always left really soft after I use one. Be it face or body.. I do love my scrubs. (Sooo want to try out those sugar scrubs too!)

The only problem is that a good exfoliater tends to be quite expensive and I'm not so keen on spending a lot for now. So, imagine my joy when I walked into a Body Shop store 3 days ago, and there was a nice sale going on! (Thanks to one of my friends. He wanted to pick up a birthday gift for his best friend and dragged me along to help choose.. He bought a Strawberry gift pack for her, lucky girl!!)

I think there was like 5 minutes of me going mad seeing quite a lot of the good products on sale. I wanted to buy them all... If only...! *sigh*
The whole Christmas limited edition (Cranberry joy, Ginger sparkle and Vanilla bliss) as well as the gift packs were on 50% off and a few body lotions, shower gels, eyeshadows and lip glosses were on 30% discount!

Well, I narrowed it down to two products. The Cranberry Joy body polish (since I am not quite in love with the strawberry smell) and Cherry Blossom body lotion (to layer over my cherry blossom perfume...both of which shall be reviewed soon).

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish Review

Cranberry Joy Body Polish: It's a  limited-edition festive body exfoliator, gentle enough to use every day. It removes dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling softer and smoother, and has a delicious fruity cranberry fragrance.
Price: 695/- for 200ml (I got it on a 50% discount.. so 348 /- yaaay!!)
Ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerine, Cocamidopropyl betadine, Acrylates polymer, Juglams regia shell powder (walnut), Fragrance, Benzyl alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Chloride, Honey, Vaccinium macrocarpon seed (cranberry), Actinida chinensis seed (kiwi), Propylene glycol, Sodiun hydroxide, Benzophenone 3, Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, Disodium EDTA, linalool, Sorbitol, Vaccinium Macrocarpon Fruit Extract (cranberry), Denatonium benzoate, Red 33.

This is my first body shop polish so I don't really have much comparison here. I just got so excited seeing it up for half the price that I had to buy it!
Anyway, coming back to the review. I will begin with the fragrance because that will be the first thing you'll notice about it... Delicious fruity cranberry jam! With a hint of sweetness. (If it was edible, I might have licked it up, haha.)

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish Review

The consistency is gel-like with cranberry seeds in it that help in exfolition along with the walnut granules and kiwi seeds.I used it both with my loofah and on its own. It lathers up really well with the loofah but the seeds sort of get stuck which takes some time for removal..fine by me.
On its own it works well too. The granules aren't harsh and exfoliate well. On days when I want some heavy duty scrubbing, I use it with the exfoliator gloves also bought from The Body Shop.

This is a shower gel + exfoliator and it doesn't dry up your skin. The fragrance fills up the bathroom, and I feel quite pampered while using it. Sometimes I skip the body lotion and the smell lingers on for an hour or so, mildly. But if a body lotion is used the fragrance won't be evident. ( I wanted to get the cranberry body butter too, to layer the smell, but it was out of stock. Tch!)

The body polish comes in a transparent squeezy tube with a flip cap. Easy to use and leak proof.
The packaging looks very Christmas-y!

Overall, I love it! Out of the 3, I liked this one the best and I quite regret not buying another one that day itself. Now I can't find it on sale anywhere...out of stock. Might get the vanilla bliss one. (Come on... Don't judge me. I think for the price at which they are on sale..its a steal. I know I'll never pick it up on the original price for now.)

Price: 690 INR for 200ml

Go give it a try! (Before the sale is over)

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4 thoughts

  1. oh ! this is sooo yum ! btw have you tried The nature's co. shower gels yet ! they too have some fine granules for the scrub part ! :)

  2. Hey Sukanya! I have just entered Nature's Co. a couple of times but i just got confused with all the products. Will check their gels now. Thanks!
    This one is yum! :)

  3. We just love The Body Shop products and their exfoliators are amazing! Thanks so much for finding our blog and following us. We are following you via GFC!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Yes @ Jayme and Mendi... the body shop has some drool worthy products.
    Thanks for following us too! :)