Flames in the Sky

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Hola all you beautiful people!

I'm so sorry I couldn't come up with a better post today, things have been busy around here. So replacing lack of inspiration with my rudimentary photography skills, this post is a showcase of some glorious sunsets I captured from inside an airplane. The photos don't do justice to the beauty of our Sun in repose. Nature is an accomplished artist, whose unmatched skill cannot be portrayed through the lens of my camera. Being there to witness the moment though, is an experience I'll never forget. A moment as ageless as time itself, so pure that the airplane seemed an intruder. I used to think sunsets witnessed with my feet on the ground were amazing. Seeing the Sun from above the clouds was out-of-the-world. Shrouded by a warmth I could not feel, all I could do was gaze as the searing orange rent the dusty ash-blue clouds, hypnotized by the phenomenon unfolding before my eyes. It was liberating, almost as if my soul could melt through the confines of the aircraft and speed towards the Sun, and bathe for eternity in its light.

I may have landed at my destination, and it has been months since, but I think I lost myself in the stratosphere, quite possibly floating amongst nebulous clouds, watching sunsets in silent awe. For I have surrendered my heart to the dusk.

Disclaimer: None of the photos have been enhanced in any way whatsoever. I wanted to keep the shots as true as possible.

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