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Every now and then, my roomie Anty and me go for a scoop of icecream (me, mostly 2) to our favourite joint called "Polar Bear" (weird name I know, but their ice creams are fabulous... Creamy and full of flavour.. it doesn't hurt that they give huge scoops too!) She usually opts for butterscotch and I, as usual, for COFFEE! *in love forever*
Anyway, getting back to the point, here is a quick Do-it-yourself I do with those ice-cream containers. (I have so many small things lying around everywhere. These containers become so handy to keep them all in one place, organized.)

Things needed:
● Paint (I used fabric paint because I had some lying around). You can use acrylic paint also.
● Brushes - a thick one and a thinner one.
● Any plastic container you like and which is sturdy.

Step 1:
Paint the whole container in the base colour you want. (My roomie looooves PINK so i stuck to that colour) Use the thicker brush for this, since it'll be faster. Let the 1st coat dry completely. Paint another coat if needed for complete opacity. I usually don't go for the 2nd patience!

Step 2:
Now take the other end of the thin brush and dip it in white paint. With a steady hand lightly press the end onto the painted container. This forms the center of the flower.

Step 3:
Wipe the end of the brush. Dip it again in purple paint. And make dots surrounding the central white dot. In a flower pattern. Try and keep the dots to 5 - 6.  Remember to dip the brush end in paint each time for a fresh dot.

Also, try and keep all the dots equidistant and of the same size. Do not put blobs of paint as they will drip down and ruin the design.

(You can use any colour combination)
Let the base paint dry nicely for half an hour minimum before you paint anything on it.

Step 4:
You can paint the inside of the box with a co-ordinating colour to give a more neat effect.

Let the whole thing dry overnight just for safety, so that paint doesn't stick to your stuff.
Voila! Your pretty lil containers are ready to use! Keep them on your table and store all those tiny things that just keep lying around :)

Here are 2 more that I made -

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2 thoughts

  1. Those are really neatly painted.. loved the colour combo too!

    1. Thank you Rajvi! Its sooo simple one can't paint messy. :)