Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness

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#YOLO? Not anymore.

Now, before you clap your hands and whoop with glee, I haven't found some miracle drug that evades Yamraj on his buffalo, however fist-pump worthy that might be. No, I am here to spread the news of how YOLO has been made to kick the bucket. Word yamdoots a.k.a the language enthusiasts at Lake Superior State University have called for the banishment of this hashtag with the 38th Annual "List of Words to be Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness".
Here's a peek into the rationale behind it-

"Stands for 'You Only Live Once' and used by wannabe Twitter philosophers who think they've uncovered a deep secret of life. Also used as an excuse to do really stupid things, such as streaking at a baseball game with YOLO printed on one's chest. I only live once, so I'd prefer to be able to do it without ever seeing YOLO again." Brendan Cotter, Grosse Pte. Park, Mich.
Can't say I disagree with the guru, erm, aficionado, with the word becoming the poster excuse for all acts reckless or immature. Like...
Crawling on my hands and knees to the bar #yolo
Everyone is stressing over finals except me, haven't studied at all or anything #yolo
YOLO tweeple, you may only live once, but you will live with the consequences. So do us a favour, don't do a Bella and jump off a cliff just for the sake of a yolo tweet!

Speaking of cliffs, the fiscal cliff has also been razed to the ground. Whether your government is climbing it, falling off it, or dangling on its very precipice, economic updates on the financial crisis, contributors say, would be more welcome.
"(We’ve) lost sight of the metaphor and started to think it's a real place, like with the headline, 'Obama, Boehner meeting on fiscal cliff'." Barry Cochran, Portland, Ore.
Also earning a place of honour on the list were 'guru' 'bucket list' 'double-down' 'superfood' and 'spoiler alert' while some passionately earnestly voted against the colloquial use of 'passion'.
"As in 'that's my passion.' Please, let's hope you mean 'enthusiasm.' 'Passion' connotes 'unbridled,' unmediated by reason and sound judgment. Passion is the stuff of Ahab, Hitler, and chauvinists of every stripe, and terrorists." Michael T. Smith, Salem, Ore.
"Seared tuna will taste like dust swept from a station platform -until it's cooked passionately. Apparently, it's insufficient to do it ably, with skill, commitment or finesse. Passionate, begone!" Andrew Foyle, Bristol, UK
Then, of course, there is 'trending'. Which, as a matter of fact is how I found the topic for today's post. *Squirm* But even though it has been bid goodbye, I can hardly imagine people not using it.

Here is the complete list for your perusal, should you wish to do so. And these are some words that have already been banished previously. Are you guilty of still using them? ;)

  • Amazing
  • The New Normal
  • Ginormous
  • Viral
  • Epic
  • Fail
  • BFF
  • Man up
  • Bromance
  • Chillaxin'
  • And even '<3 li="li">
Is there any word that you would like to banish? I would nominate 'anyways..' :D

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